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  1. i get this every few months. it really makes the day boring.
  2. yesterday i was sitting with two friends in a coffee shop and one of them says "look at my skin it's all broken out here." the other says something of this nature as well. mind you, these two were clear just a few months ago, and i was the one who had the terrible acne, which one of them once described as "small craters." well the one that said that to me about a year ago, told me yesterday "look at (rockandorroll)'s skin it's clear!" and that almost made up for the 5 & 1/2 years of acne i h
  3. you should do something that will piss them off in return.
  4. throw out the skittles if they're bothering you that much.
  5. "since dry skin ages faster, and BP makes skin dry, doesn't that mean skin will wrinkle with BP." you replied "Not necessarily if you moisturize." that's a circumstance.
  6. pretty clear. isn't it just better to tell people that under some circumstances BP can contribute to wrinkles, rather than saying it doesn't?
  7. i'm sorry if this has already been cleared up earlier, but i'm curious. since dry skin ages faster, and BP makes skin dry, doesn't that mean skin will wrinkle with BP?
  8. i was watching t.v. at 2 AM one time, and there was a proactiv infomercial. after a while it showed celebrities using their product. that's when i saw p. diddy talking about how proactiv helped him--it showed is before picture and there was one zit on his jaw line. it's really an insult to people with actual acne.
  9. what's the usual complaint about the Panoxyl?
  10. i accidentally ate wheat, and i'm not supposed to because it is the cause of my skin's irritation. i was just wondering how long the effect can last. any responses would be much appreciated.
  11. do you know how long it takes for it to go away naturally?