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  1. No prob. Let us know what you ended up using and how the meal turned out.
  2. Brown rice flour, if you eat rice. Quinoa flour maybe.
  3. Boiling it won't change its composition much. You could try using filtered water. Buy a tap mounting filter, or a filtered pitcher.
  4. Nothing "sits in your stomach for days." If you swallowed shards of glass and rusty nails they wouldn't sit in your stomach for days. You wouldn't digest them, but they'd be passed through your system. Whether potatoes aggravate acne or not is another question.
  5. I personally would be thrilled just to clear up 50%! I don't even care about preventing every single zit. I just want to look better than I do now and 50% would feel like a huge success
  6. Thank you all for your PATIENCE and help. I really appreciate it.
  7. Chromium is another trace mineral that gets too little attention. It helps to stabilize blood sugar.
  8. I would not put hydrogen peroxide on my face. If I were you, I'd quit that and start using benzoyl peroxide right away.
  9. Yeah, I've tried this. I'm 24, have moderate acne. Going product-free makes no difference on my face. However, it does help my back quite a bit. I started washing my hair over the sink a few months ago, so that shampoo wouldn't run down my body, and I take only quick, cool showers to rinse off my back. Now, all of my active red acne is gone - which is fabulous - but I still have comedones all over. That really bothers me, but I shouldn't be too picky because it looks 80 times better now th
  10. I stayed strictly on the diet for 1.5 months and saw no change in my acne. I gave up. I desperately wish I could control my acne with diet, but it doesn't seem to work for me.