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  1. At the time it helped me. I only ate red delicious apples for three days, and drank water ( I did take enimas too, as bad as they were). The problem is, a few days afterwards I got a bad breakout out of no where, so it does come back. It seemed like it calmed my acne down a bit, so I would recomend to do it, if you dont mind losing a few pounds (which you will). Im into bodybuilding, and lost a good amount of muscle, so Im not doing it again.
  2. Agreed. Accutane has worked so well, and life has been so much better. I hate to think about it coming back when im done, and I know it will, becuase I'm unlucky like that. When does, I'll be sure to make an appointment right away for a second treatment.
  3. Acne started to consume my life, and then accutane saved it. Now, my grades are back to normal, im not missing school, and im back into sports. Before, I would worry about it 24/7. I would pretty much starve myself on acne diets, losing several pounds of muscle. I couldnt talk to girls, or meet new people. My confidence was shot. Then I went on accutane, and everything went back to normal just like that. All the other medications were a waste of time. Like Seasofink said, if one derm say
  4. Hey again Sorry I havnt updated in like 4 months, but not that many people were posting, and I was cleared up, so I didnt have much else to post. Im posting now to say that im STILL on accutane, and have been for seven months right now i think, and have enough left untill the end of this one. My derm let me have more, becuause I asked if i could untill football was over (I thought I would break out if I got off because of football), and he said it was fine. Im just on a lower dosage.
  5. Yeah, dont only eat protein. Eat alot of carbs and fats (good fats) as well as protien. Most importantly make sure you get in alot of calories, that seems most important to me. Obviously dont get all of your calories from foods like donuts (bad sugars, though some are good) and mcdonalds (lots of trans fat, which is the worst kind), unless you actually want to gain fat. In a few years I went from weighing 110 to 190, so its not that hard to gain muscle (though I weigh like 160 right now).
  6. thanks alot for the help. I'll be sure to give them a try. Lifting and running wasnt effected too bad on accutane, though I recovered alot slower, but in football practice im getting tore up, and the redness is really bad. Also should I just take the recomended dosage on the bottle, or more than it says to. Thanks again.
  7. OMG!! is that acne ^ !? thats crazy! But yeah about your skin, it isnt that bad. My skin is probably more red becuase im on accutane and playing football in the sun. Not that i dont complain, i do every day, its annoying! But just so u know, mine is probably worse.
  8. Hi I am in football right now, and being on accutane makes it torture. I get cut up extremely easy, extra sore, and my face is pure red after every practice (At least im not breaking out though!) If anyone has any advice please tell me. I remember someone said to take some suppliments while on accutane to lesson the side effects, though i have no clue what they were. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. hey Kanmi I can sorta relate to you. I got pretty emotional over my acne. The problem with me going crazy over my apearance is the fact that im a guy, and if I got caught crying over it around my friends, I would never hear the end of it, even though a few people I know are so superficial. I would only complain about it around my parents, who eventually thought I was going crazy and brought me to the hospital (dont want to go into that). Just like you said though, American Society makes acn
  10. hey, I know what you mean. It was similar to me in my sophmore year (going into senior now) when my acne was really bad. Just becuase of it, I got alot of disrespect, and some of my friends werent hanging around with me as much. Now that its alot better this past year, and that im completely clear now (thanks to accutane), all of a sudden they're my friends again, not that I associate with some of them. I know it sounds bad, but alot of times people are like that, and thats just how it goes i
  11. I know what your saying. When I would complain about acne, my parents would just tell me stuff "like everyone gets it at your age." My dad said once that he hasnt seen a teenager without a pimple. Then when I actually notice, it seems like no one else has acne. Back when I had it bad (long before being on tane) people would say it isnt that bad, and I didnt even think it was that bad. Then when I actually would pay attention to other people, it honestly seemed like I had the worst acne in t
  12. You have really cleared up so much. Accutane is great isnt it? Your bacne will clear up, mine did and it took a little longer than 3 months. Some doctors make accutane sound so bad, but then when you take it, you just feel alot better. All doctors said there are so many side effects and Its not worth it. the only side effects Ive gotten are slightly dry skin and chapped lips, a hell of a lot better than dealing with bacne. Good luck with the rest of your treatment on accutane, your doing r
  13. I meant that I heal slower thanks to accutane. I guess I worded that wrong. And I was told that fish oil helps with recovery and joint/muscle pain. I seen other people on this board say that they took it on accutane while lifting and it helped alot. I havnt really noticed a difference now that I started taking it either though.