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  1. im on 20mg's. ive been on it a week now. ive no idea how long my course will be though cause ive got to go back for more every month, and have tests before they'll give me my next batch. its my second course, i took a 4/5 course in 05 i think it was. it cleared me but eventually came back, back on it now though, and feeling a bit down, cause im getting a lot of whiteheads at the moment, i just hope it doesnt get too bad bringing everything to the surface cause thats going to be hard for me to
  2. my t-zone can get oily during the day, but mostly i have very dry skin, and foundation makes it more obvious. i need good coverage though. i currently use mac studio fix, when i do wear make-up but its too drying. im considering studio tech, since it apparently has good coverage and is creamy, but im not sure, anyone got any suggestions?
  3. until recently i thought powder, ive used mac studio fix for years, but even though i have an oily t-zone, im very dry too and lately my base has looked so so dry...so ive switched to liquid now. i suppose it depends if you have oily or dry skin, etc.
  4. i actually have studio fix, although i dont wear it for work, i dont actually normally wear any makeup during the day. (only if im shopping or having a driving lesson etc) i like it but its quite dry and although i have oily skin, it seems to show up my dryness..its still my fav. makeup to wear though because the colour is pretty much perfect, its easy to carry around and apply, and it gives a matte finish. i was thinking about trying their creamier foundation compact, studio tech, which i know
  5. i feel like i need more coverage when im out. any suggestions?
  6. mino is starting to get less effective, ive been on it 2 years. my doc wants me to switch from mino to lymecyline, but i am very worried i'll break out badly. im only on mino at the moment (and occasional use of retina-a)...she wants me to stop taking mino and start taking lymecyline, and BP cream. but i think i'll break out, so am reluctant to swap. every other time ive tried to stop mino i couldnt, the breakout was too extreme, so how is it going to be any different while i stop mino and wai
  7. i mean, seriously, i am so sick. seems like everythings going wrong and nothings going right lately. i got refered back from my derm to my gp a few months back, they basically fobbed me at every appointment, didnt listen to what i wanted, kept making excuses, then refered me back saying accutane was the only other option, but it isnt bad enough for that and ive had it before. so i felt very unhopeful when i got refered back. my gp doesnt wanna perscribe birth control, since i dont need it at t
  8. ah, im really depressed about the whole thing, i could just cry. i want so bad to try spiro. going from one antibiotic to another makes me sad, like im never gonna be off them, and im upset that i'll probably have a major breakout from switching, i really cant cope with that. she said its impossible to say if i will, but i know my skin! i know i will-and it'll be huge cause neither bp or the lymecyline will start working straight away. is it wise to just switch antibiotics like that? she said
  9. i had my appointment today with my gp, where i planned on asking for spiro, so that i can eventually wean myself off minocyline and just use spiro, maybe with retina-a.....so i asked.. and she looked puzzled when i asked about spiro, got her book out, and then said that spiro isnt even licensed for acne use, where had i heard people were using it for acne use (so i said ive read it online in reputable places), and she said maybe it is been 'tested' in some places for acne use, but that it isnt
  10. It depends on if you've fixed the cause(s) of acne (whether it's internal or external) and adopted a good regimen without the antibiotic or if you've simply outgrown acne. So in other words, it's impossible to say. It's better NOT to take antibiotics, though. i am wanting to start weaning myself off mino soon, im not sure what to start taking in replacement of antibiotics though, im thinking spiro or birth control like yaz, is that a good idea? i think my causes are a mixture of horm
  11. its so great you've found something that works for you. my skin is tempremental though, my skin normally always look great for the first week i use a new face wash/scrub etc, then after a week it ends up breaking out, ive used a few clean and clear products before and had no luck
  12. 1) firstly, are people in the UK getting offered it by their gp's? or am i gonna have to get back on the waiting list for a derm? 2) secondly: how safe is it to use long term? i am currently on antibiotics, is it safer than using antibiotics? 3) thirdly, i need a plan. how can i minimise a break out coming off minocycline? when should a start reducing my dosage? should be minimise my dosage and then start straight on spironolactone, or should i start something like retina-a with mino, then r
  13. well this is a depressing thread! im 22 now! 23 next year, and the thought of never growing out of this is a horrible thought. mines maintained by minoycline but im aiming to come off it soon and try something else cause it only maintains it, doesnt keep me clear.
  14. lol ive had that thought too. that i look best when my face is covered in clay. also -when you start to isolate yourself. -when you ring in sick because of a bad break out. -when you stare in envy at people with perfect skin and think, if only. -when you think about you're skin virtually 24/7 -when the first thing you do when you get up in the morning, is check you're face to see if you have any new spots. -when you worry constantly about how things you do, or things you eat, will aff