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  1. cherrylips

    Left side

    hey there hun.u r soooooooooo going to conquer this. we r all behind u and so is ur loving boyfriend. GO CLAUD!!!!! GO CLAUD!!!!!! wish i lived in the sttes, so that i can come over and giv u a hug. but i shall give u a huge kiss MWAH XXXXX
  2. cherrylips

    Me this morning...

    hey claud. hope u ok. just wanted to say that dont worry about the acne on ur neck,it'l clear up with a bit of topical cream. u have been so brave through all of this, dont get down. be positive coz ur future is clear skin and having tonnes of babies. mwah xxxx
  3. cherrylips


    hey hun. just hang in there. u have got to b positive. i feel so crap 2 when i break out,i came to a point where i didnt want to live nemore. i used to think that all people were staring at was my spots, but there not because they see beyond that. y dont u look at the vietnamese guy whose acne was really bad and wat he did to get rid of it. trus e, his was worse than urs.
  4. cherrylips


    hi there pixie. ur skin looks amazing. wat thype of microdermabrasion did u get? and how many treatments did u have?
  5. hey,u seem to be doing a great job on delnas regimen. keep it up. ur looking clear.
  6. cherrylips


    hey.go to womens salon where they do facials, ask for the special clearing booster, that is bp too. let me know if u find it.
  7. hey sweety. hang in there hun. u'll be clear in no time. as for a mask, i suggest u use a natural one. here is one i use at the moment. get 1 tablespoon of indian chickpea flour, half tabelspoon of honey and natural yoghurt and add few drops of lemon juice. mix it all together and leave on for ten mins. rinse with warm water. do it twice a week after u have cleansed. morning or night. give it at least 2-3 weeks before u see an improvement. dont worry, it wont make it worse. let me know how u get
  8. sorry its meant to be chickpea flour not chickpre. u can find it in indian grocery stores
  9. hey guys.therebis another methos u can use and its all natural too. get i tablespoon indian chickpre flour or its known as besan to indians. then get half tablespoon of honey and natural yogurt and add a few drops of lemon juice. misx it ll together and apply on the face until the mask goes hard, so roughly 10 - 15 mins. then rinse off with warm water. do it twice a week after ypu have cleansed. trust me u will glow from the honey, the chickpea flour takes away grime, yoghurt cools the skin and