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  1. Getting them all done at once may be too risky, I would recommend starting with one and seeing how it turns out first.
  2. Ok, here's the scar 6 days after surgery. Stitches were just taken out. I have to say I'm completely thrilled with the results.
  3. If you meant excision, mine cost $300. I don't know how much subcision costs. I'm gonna post pics again on wednesday after my stitches get taken out.
  4. I had a scar dermabraded on the tip of my nose about 5 years ago. It actually turned out great. I'd say I had about a 60% improvement on that one. You can still see it a bit in certain light, but it doesn't bother me at all. The other scar I had dermabraded on my cheek turned out terrible on the other hand, because it was a much deeper scar so the dermabrasion had to be deeper. That scar turned out much worse than before. I just now had an excision for that one, so see my recent post for pics on
  5. Ok, here's the excision 2 days after surgery. This is a pretty crappy picture of the original scar, but the only one I have.
  6. Ok, so as some of you guys may know... I started a topic last year, around this exact same time, about how I was about to get an excision done for a nasty chicken pox scar on my cheek, made nastier by a previous dermabrasion scar around it. I then failed to follow that topic with any additonal posts. Well, here we are a year later, and I just now got this damn scar removed yesterday. What happened last year, to make the story short, is that the plastic surgeon I was sceduled with turned out to b
  7. I agree with what your plastic surgeon said about dermatolagists. When I was younger, I had a derm convince me to get dermabrasion done on a deep chicken-pox scar on my cheek, it didnt get rid of it and made it look worse. I also had a different derm who tried to convince me to get laser treatment done on this same scar a few years later. I for sure didnt fall for that one. I just recently went to see a plastic surgeon about this scar and he said the only procedure left to do would be an excisio
  8. The type of filler I used was some type of temporary colligen, can't remember the brand. It was very expensive and the improvement was 20% at best. The effect also started to wear off after 1 or 2 months. So yeah, that wasnt the solution I was looking for.
  9. thanks guys, i really appreciate it. Pip, I was wondering... how big were each of your 3 scars before the excision. Also, the scar that you said turned out depressed... would you say this scar looks worse now or does it still look somewhat better? My surgeon didnt mention anything about an inside stitch so i'll have to ask... he might always use them for all i know.
  10. The scar is a 2mm round, chicken-pox scar that is somewhat deep. It's located on my right cheek, close to my nose. It really bothers me, especially when I'm talking to a girl up close. I had dermabrasion on it about 4 years ago which was a big mistake because it actually made it look worse. The depression became a bit smaller but the area around the hole is now slightly raised and discolored. I also tried a filler on it about a year ago but wasnt satisfied with the results. So now I am sceduled
  11. Hello Guardedlyoptimistic, i can see you're going through some extreme turmoil right now with your acne scars. I feel for you, I truly do. I can see that both of you are afraid of dermabrasion, and this is understandably so. My own experiences with dermabrasion have been less than steller. I had an acne scar on my nose and a chicenpox scar on my cheek treated locally. The nose one was pretty shallow and this one turned out alot improved. The one on my cheek was very wide and deep, and this didnt
  12. My mom also used to tell me that hair covering your forehead caused breakouts. Personally, i havent found this to be true. I realize that my idea might seem kind of silly... but in my opinion you should do anything you can before trying abrasive treatments. I know that the worst part about having scars is that everytime you see your reflection, they stand out at you. Men often grow facial hair to cover scars as well. I know there was a famous movie actor who had a big, nasty scare on his upper l
  13. hey there, i can imagine how hard this is on you. Here's one more thing you might consider. I'm a guy and i have a minor scar on my forehead as well as a giant mole right under my hairline. I keep all this covered by my long bangs though, so they dont show at all. This might be more difficult being a girl, but you might want to try it.
  14. ok nodoubt, i have a few questions for you. How long or thick was the line scar compared to the original scar? How did the tissue around the scar turn out after the precedure (was it uneven/discolored)? How bad did the stitching look afterwards (like could you still go out and stuff)? How long did it take for the scars to recover? Finally...lol... you said that you had 3 done but only one of them improved alot, what went wrong with the others?