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  1. oopsy could some one move this post, i put it in the wrong catigory, thanx!
  2. Hey ive been on accutane for about 4 months and just recently my hair has started falling out, like little by litt,e but more then usually. what do i do and how can i stop it? is it even relted to accutane? please help before i go bald!
  3. the headaches do get really bad but they go away fairly guickly. from what my dermatologist told me that i have a very rare side effect of things in my brain being screwed up.
  4. Ive been taking 20 mg's of accutane once a day for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes when i stand up or sit up from laying down, bounce on the trampoline, or even run, i get a sharp pain in my head. My doctor said accutane might be increasing the liquid pressure in my brain or something like that. Has anyone ever heard THAT before??i might have to be taken off it if the headaches persist.
  5. hey I just started going on accutane (20mgs). I LOVE tanning, i tan all the time and when im not tan i get sot of depressed and immediatly feel the need to go tanning. I NEVER burn at all. I heard warnings about sun exposure. But if i were to deeply moisturize before, after and during tanning could i get away with at? thanx for any help
  6. I am currently on minocycline and have minor acne on my face but MAJOR acne on my back. my doctor said that he would put me on accutane but only if i wanted to. I was wondering if there were any other prescriptions that are stronger then minocycline? What are they? I just want the name and some general info. I am currently taking minocycline 100mg twice a day. It wasnt working so i started adding a third pill and that has helped some but i still wnt to know if there is anything stronger the
  7. Im new to accutane. im not on it yet but i think i will be soon. I need info on the severity of the break outs you get before you start clearing up, How long the break outs last, how long it will take to start seeing positive results and if i will have anything like redness. thanx for any help. kati