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  1. Haha, this topic is so old, funny to see a post.. Have not seen it in forever... Glad that it is going well. I took that cycle of accutane awhile ago.. I finished it a long time ago and the acne returned. I ended up taking 10mg for 1 year and then every other day for a few more months after that and that worked perfectly with limited amounts of sides. hope your treatment works well for you and that your side effects don't get bad... Good luck..
  2. I lift weights and exercise alot and these are the foods that help me gain weight and cause hardly any skin reactions. Basmati Rice (I try to eat this alone because mixing starch and proteins is not the most favorable combination of foods) Heavy Cream (has hardly any casein or lactose which are the main culprits in relation to acne) Avocados Unsalted Butter Isopure protein with water Hope these help... I know the heavy cream and basmati rice might look like they cause acne but I am pretty su
  3. I had a problem with dry skin and a dull complexion for awhile but its under control now. First I never wash my face with anything even remotely close to hot water and usually I just use baby wipes to clean off my face in the morning, and this has really helped. In the morning I put a thin layer of plexion cleanser on my face and let it sit for a minute, then put ponds cold cream over it and all over my face and use it as a shaving lotion and shave my face. After that, I splash a alot of cold w
  4. I sent the pharma company working on this drug an email seeing if I could get into the clinical trials and here is what I got back. "Thanks for your e-mail. We hope to be starting phase II clinical trials in patients during 2009 subject to further successful phase I work in 2008. We don’t know yet exactly when or where the phase II will be run, but I will keep your e-mail on file and contact you again when I have more information. If everything goes according to plan, the product will be c
  5. Then don't be obsessive. I'm not, yet it cleared my skin. And diet affects acne in so many ways: immune system, liver function, digestive health, allergies, inflammation, adrenal function, SHBG levels, hormone levels, etc, etc.
  6. Most of the people are saying exactly what I was thinking when reading your post. I have sensitive skin like you and what I do is shave with ponds cold cream using a disposable razor, and a dry face, then whip it off with a baby whip and then apply finacea and take an oreaca tablet in the morning. Then at night use plexion cleanser whip off with a baby whip wait a few minutes then apply finacea at night. I take a shower either morning or night but I keep the water a cold luke warm. Good luck
  7. Yeah, I'm in with the group that believes that diet is only one part of the entire equation. I believe that eating an extremely healthy, borderline OCD diet can increase your immune systems strength and help acne immensely but it will cause more problems then its worth because of the obsessive nature. I am a firm believer in the minds power to effect the bodies overall health. I think that if we all would just stop spending so much time worrying our stress hormones and overall hormone profile wo
  8. I just sent the company an email asking what the criteria is to be in their phase II trial. I'll move out to wankerville for awhile to have clear skin and free drugs.
  9. News like this is so painful. Phase II and III trials take years to go through and just the thought of something like this out there is going to drive me insane.
  10. Its going to be alright, just focus on why you are there. You are there to get your masters degree and that should be your focus. Don't worry about all the other things around you, time will go by, the sun will rise and set as usual. Don't blow an good chance to accomplish something so wonderful. All of us understand how hard it is to look the world in the eyes when our confidence is low, but don't worry about what the world thinks, just do your homework, go to class and just focus on accomplish
  11. I'm sure anything is possible, it is just a completely controlled observation that I experienced. The tooth pain/infection caused uncontrolled breakouts consistently. External stress is probably not the culprit because I have gone through a wide verity of stress over that last year and maintained an acne free complexion.
  12. I'm 21 years old The eggs give me a lot of the nutrients and protein. It sounds gross, but mixed with the water, you can just drink it down really fast before you go to bed. I was perfectly clear as a result of the diet, then my tooth got infected. The tooth was infected for about a month, and during this time I ate the same way as I always did. I went to the dentist after two weeks of pain (I'm really stubborn) and got the infection drained. After the infection was drained my skin instantly
  13. I have acne that is not going away any time soon. However, I have flawless skin because I eat the same foods all the time. I take no supp. and never wash with anything but water. Here are the foods I eat. Basmati Rice with peas and unsalted butter Potatoes with unsalted butter At night usually put 10-18 egg yolks in a cup and some water mix it up and drink it down 8 Avocados, George Gershwins raw honey, and cinnamon all mashed up Fruit: I eat melons, pineapple, and grapes but anything is pr
  14. Some quick advice, Eliminate Dairy, Wheat, Sugar. Eat: Chicken, Avocados, Cantalope, Basamiti Rice & White Potatos don't bother my acne so you can give them a try, Strawberries, blueberries. Just whole foods. Don't use condiments, salt, pepper, or anything that nots naturally there. Have a couple tsp of cod liver oil a day, and go tanning a couple times to get the acne to start drying up. Just stay tough and don't break, because once you do you will break out all over again. It worked for
  15. Hey, I really hope that the antibiotics don't cause you long-term problems but if I had to guess, I think your system is probably all out of wack. You can try all those supplements and maybe something will work. But about 3 years ago, I was sitting in your seat saying screw antibiotics, i'm never touching them again, and have fought an uphill battle with acne ever since. But I will save you some time, and hopefully you take my advice seriously. I would say there is a 98% chance that you have g
  16. Raw diets are implemented to improve digestion because the food still contains lots of enzymes that have not been lost by cooking. In addition, fruit is a main staple of the diet, which is easily digestable. And as far as protein and fat, nuts and seeds are to be soaked activating enzymes to aid in digestion making it much easier to to rid yourself of waste then consuming any type of meat product especially red. While this diet is extremely hard to go on, it is 100x better than the SAD on ev
  17. Bob, just wanted to let you know that your posts do not go unnoticed, and on a seperate note, I think that you should open up a holistic dermatology clinic.... I'll help with the startup costs..
  18. Just go to the doctor you stubburn retard. I had a ingrown toenail once and I just about lost my foot because I got gangreen (not sure about the spelling). Don't mean to be harsh, but if you have an infection, and your resistence is down, just go to the doc. and have him look at it. Probably will be nothing, but trust me, if you are having trouble with infections, could be a wide array of other internal problems causing it.
  19. Honestly, if you think that it's food that is causing your breakouts, start googling on types of food allergies. Do a 100% water fast for about 5-6 days then start the diet 100% and do it for a month or two. My advice is do the gluten free/cassin free first. Then move on to letins and salicylates. Another thing that will speed up the detox process is using a sauna and doing deep breathing exercises every morning and night for around 30 minutes a piece (Sauna just 20 minutes once a day).Deep br
  20. Day 59: Have my derm appointment tomorrow, can't believe I'm going on my third month. Really nice when the weekends come because I only take 40mg instead of the usual 80. That gives my lips some time to heal up. My face is basically clear, and the cyst on my neck is starting to heal up. Don't know how much long I will be posting these updates, because I am running out of things to say... Side Effects: Nothing really
  21. Day 58: Face is flushed today, probably from being out in the sun. I'm pretty fair skined so if I stay outside for two long my skin looks like crap. Red marks get darker and pores get bigger. Nothing has changed in regards to that big cyst on my neck, hopefully it goes away soon. Side effects: Lips are the biggest pain in the ass, really wish that problem would go away. Do my best but still get little cracks in the corners of my mouth.
  22. Day 57: Face is pretty much completely clear, but I still have that huge cyst on my neck which is just a pain in the ass. I don't feel like fussing with it because it will leave a huge mark for the next month, but it is just taking so long to die down. On a seperate note, it is cinco de mayo and I feel like having a corona badly, but I am contining myself tonight. Side effects: big cyst that will not go away...
  23. Day 56: Almost at the two month point.. Only 3 months to go and I will be done with this stuff. Kind of hate to see the time go by so quickly because my face has really never been this good. Shaved today, and didn't have to worry about nicking up any pimples. That is a good feeling I must say. The weather was and still is good, but the bad news is that I have a huge project that I am working on so it looks like I won't really be able to enjoy it. Good luck everyone, and hope everything is going
  24. Day 55: TennesseeGrl thanks for all the responses, you have made my little daily journal more interesting to come back to because I might have a response from someone. As far as my acne goes, still where I was yesterday, which is a good thing. The only thing that is different, I used a washcloth to exfoliate my face in the shower today, man was my skin shiney after that. Hopefully it goes back to normal in a few days... Side effects: Lips are chapped, cracks in the corners
  25. Day 54: I am just baffled by how many journals are active on this website, it is crazy... Well, face is about 98% clear, just have this nice cyst on my neck that needs to go away and I will be smooth sailing.. Doctor will probably offer to inject it with cortisone next appointment, but I say screw it, keeps me humble. Hopefully the course continues to go well.. Side effects: lips and elbows are kind of dry...