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  1. it took me about three months to get happy with the results; and i still am pretty much! lol. i still get tiny pimples but nothing major and nothing stays. but i just thought i'd show my support! lol. i'm sure you'll have amaazing results, what dose are you on? if you have a low dose maybe it needs to be upped...? mind for nosebleeds!
  2. i don't post a lot lol since i finished with roaccutane..... skin is awesome now lol. but i thought i'd show my support. don't expect so much so fast from it but it does work wonders and remember that even after you've finished it still heals up and carries on working... lol. you are on quite a high dosage though so i would expect you'd experience an initial break out but i'm sure you'll get amazing results! *cross fingers!* are you taking any vitamins? i found C/E helped loads and omega 3 o
  3. thought i'd comment again lol tis good that your skin is clear! the red marks fade with time just moisturise moisturise! even now I carry round moisturiser with me when my skin gets agitated instead of itching i just put some on! shaving rash is terrible I find so meh. I didn't shave throughout roaccutane very much and I still have problems shaving I am recovering from a very bad rash even now after like the stubble has all come back and i've got a beard again... :S lol. but head up!
  4. i think splitting is for people who get stomach aches a lot or something :S it might also have an effect on the side effects :S my derm said it makes no difference whether you split it or not...
  5. i think after i stopped taking roaccutane i get more paranoid about break outs, :S I thought i had a breakout but it wasn't a breakout this is about a month after I finished taking... I did get a few small tiny spots, but they were the result of dead skin left over from roaccutane rather than any oil... (my face was too dry for oil..) now I've found that using a simple salacylic acid face wash and moisturiser is enough to keep me acne free... though shaving is creating huuugungous red marks whe
  6. i've just finished and my skin is really red and blotchy, i don't know whether it's because i have spots, though my skin is too dry to produce any spots... but it's gross anyway lol. when i was on roaccutane my skin was much better and i am just worried it won't heal up.
  7. how did you keep your skin clear? I can see pimples coming back :S i'm soo fucked off as soon as i get clear skin from roaccutane, i see pimples popping up... so i'm gonna try a salysilic wash tommorow i think. i don't know what to friggin do, go back on roaccutane for ages or what :S my skin was friggin perfect and i shaved once, and now i have huuuge red marks all over the place... it's friggin disgusting...
  8. you will see results... lol. the redness is probably a result of your skin drying, which is a good thing... and i think 60 might be your highest dosage possible, it was the highest i was on and i weigh 63kg so meh. However it might vary with extent of acne, as i was seeing decent results with 40mg...
  9. I guess it varies but they shouldn't be saying 9 months when they don't know how much accutane will effect you imo... :S You should see how it goes. though i have heard people do long times with lower dosages to escape the side effects...
  10. Why 9 to 10 months? are you going on a low dose? cos if not thats mental... :S
  11. I am 11 days from finishing my course of roaccutane... (yay... :S) but I got a spot on my chest yesterday, and now I am a bit worried that when I come off roaccutane it will all just come back :S I don't know what to do... My face is completely clear and dry and I really would like to stop the roaccutane, but I am sooo scared it will all come back and then it will have just been for absolutely nothing... :S So I am wondering what I should do :S advice pleeaaase. Oh and I only wash with water
  12. i know i've not spoken to you in ages, but noticed this thread lol... i've almost finnished my course(about 5 weeks left...), and i tell you it's amazing... seriously. and the 60mg dose sounds quite high for a starting dose but if your derm was sure i guess they know best. (i have only just been bumped to 60mg...) you know the routine to combat the side effects... when you get to about week four i think thats when you realise you need to do something about them lol i wouldn't moisturise unti
  13. I have found that the severe dryness does ease up... During the start of my treatment I was having to actually moisturise my legs and arms all over, which has now eased up... I've recently been bumped up to 60mg though so i have had to do that again a few times. The dry lips haven't really changed tbh though, so vaseline is a must... the achyness goes away, but i'd ease up on the excercise for a while if you are experiencing severe back pain. I seem to just ache for much longer than I used to
  14. I haven't been on here in so long! I guess I just stopped feeling the need to post here because I was happier in myself... But well I'll update. It's august the 19th today, and on monday (the 21st), it will be my fourth month on roaccutane I think? i don't know. Lol. I will work out the number of days I have been on roaccutane in a little while. But well, basically I have had a decent summer and stuff... I have about 2 active spots, but they're not really that noticeable and they go in about
  15. WEEK ELEVEN... I think. Lol. everything is going fine, though i got a little bit out of sink cos on the 2nd of july i have a feeling it was week ten day 2... lol. It's been a loong time. lol. There is really nothing to update lol... :S Except my skin is extremely fragile :S somebody told me to stop cutting myself cos I have cuts on my arm in the suicidal fashion lol. but other than that everything is cool... lips are really dry so dry i just can't be arsed with vaseline much anymore lol...