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  1. number4


    Shit, I realized i n33ds ta volunteer more...I'm going for at least 500hrs when I complete High School.
  2. number4


    So you keep the money, but it's called "volunteering"? Kinda weird...
  3. number4


    My biology teacher camed dressed today as a ganster..not kdding, with the saggy 40 size pants, burgundy bandana, pimpin nike airfoce ones, and an NBA jersey, the big-ass headphones too...and to top it off, he was saggin his pants and like you could see his boxers, he was grabbing his nuts too. :lol2:, d00d has courage...Some d00d said he was gonna get shot, I said: not in burien.
  4. that used to be da old skool lounge phrase for "girl" threads..now it's just gay. Goddamn, if a girl says 'hi' to you, what do you reply? you can respond a simple "hey". Anyways, if a lot of girls like you, then you should have 0 problems with girls. Man seriously, Shy because of your face? WTF? Do you constantly have visible boogers up your nose or what? Girls dont like dat shit when they face you and you fucking face away or down. Be a man.
  5. number4


    D70? Pfff... You almost get the same shit, with the older model.
  6. number4


    Sigbot is gonna eat that up.
  7. number4


    you could sell them shoes 4 g00d $
  8. Before you can say ANYTHING about derms, consider the following: All doctors have to go to 4yrs of Medical school and 4yrs of University. ALL doctors, no matter what they specialize in, have the same knowledge about the body. After 8yrs of college and 100k+ in debt, they have every right to tell you if you are overweight, (fat, non?). Yes, that's what a doctor tells ya. And no, doctors (derms, surgeons, general doctors, family doctors) aren't all creepy. Quite bullshit. Why? Doctor
  9. When will people learn the meaning of 'own3d'? can you do that on the neT? I believe you can.
  10. Let's hijack this thread. *slits clara's throat from ear to ear*