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  1. same problem. I'm running Mac OSX, I've used Safari, Netscape, Firefox... small jpgs and NOTHING WORKS!!! I get a blank page, no explanation. I can't figure it out!!! I see people having trouble, but they have pcs, I don't see any remedies for Macs though Please help!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have been using Neutrogena for about a week now, it worked fine, but I found when I was rubbing it in, it got dry rather quickly, and if I wasn't careful, it would get clumply if I applied Eucerin lotion and rubbed it in too much. HOWEVER.... after getting BP gel in the mail yesterday, I tried it and find it's waaaayyyy better. a) you get more in the tube b)doesn't dry out as quickly allowing you to really rub in the product well c)I had 4 huge whiteheads... after applying BP gel to them, in
  3. correction, thanks for everyone who responded to this post
  4. how do you get rid of those little tiny bumps all over your face? I have more of those than anything, nothing seems to work? If I pick them, they get inflamed, and become zits, if I leave them alone, they never go away - WTF???
  5. I've used Origin's face sunless tanner. It didn't break me out, and it smells like peppermint. It's not that expensive either (about $10 maybe) Gives you a natural glow (not too orangy) The down side is if you have some enlarged pores (like me) it gets stuck in there, and may accentuate them. And you can't really scrub your face to deep clean the pores...
  6. 1. stephanie seymour (Victoria's Secret model) 2.Vanessa Willaims (let's just say all the Pro-Active spokesmodels!!! lol) 3. Nelly
  7. think that's gross... I saw a woman on tv who advised using your 1st morning's urine applied with a wash cloth, onto your face to cure acne. Even if that were 100% true, I couldn't bring myself to do that