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  1. I saw some posts on this and I decided to try it out. From my feeble memory, after the days that I masturbate, I do get serious acne. Guess we'll see. Oh, I'm currently on BP/vinegar/alphahydrox. day1 - day3 : I had a bad mess up with a bit too much bp gel on thursday due to a couple very large pimples. My skin has been shedding since then. Only two very small zits right by my lips on saturday, nothing today. Seems to be going well. Last time I mbated was thursday. day 4:
  2. alright, thank you so much. I bought already bought alpha hydroxy, it seems that it works for some people and not for others; guess I'll find out. Also bought some vinegar. Depending on how well these work, I'll try some of the others. Thanks again. Anyone have any suggestions about my scars?
  3. I have been washing every day.... that does nothing for my skin...
  4. well two questions, really. First question: My acne scars are are composed of many... many many very small Hypertrophic scars and a couple impossible to notice sized icepicks on my cheeks. (and mostly close to my nose) Then, I have some very serious hypepigmentation issues on the sides of my face. I'm planning to use the vinegar method and beta hydroxy. Both are suppose to help with exfoliation, should I use both, or one of them at a time and use whichever works best? I also heard retin A helps
  5. okay, thanks, I wont use the salic acid and I guess I'll buy a moisterizer online. I have been using bp for a while now and I can apply a fair amount 2x a day. But when I see breakouts, I tend to add more.
  6. Hi, my acne has been going on for about 3-4 years now. Recently, perhaps due to a little crush . I have become sick and tired of my acne, so I decided to do some research and came across acne.org. I read some posts on the forum and some other site info and decided to follow the regime. I'm wondering what I should change in this. My acne isn't too strong, an occasional breakout of 2-3 small ones and every now and then a really big one. I also have serious acne scarring issues. Right now, this i