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  1. haha wow funny post. i dont think rap music has anything to do with acne. i have been listening to rap since i was like 14. i started getting acne when i was 20.
  2. do any of these have the possibilities to mess up your hormones more? if so, then your acne will never go away naturally?
  3. when you on b5, you can still use moisturizers and cleansers right?
  4. ok thanks. cant wait for my shipment to arrive...
  5. although i havent recieved my order yet im very convinced by them. how do you like their stuff so far? yeah that moisturizer sounds promising because its got that jojoba thing which i've heard many good things about. how do you feel about using bp as just a cleanser? it seems like it would be washed away before it does the job...
  6. this energy type of healing is possible and it does heal people, not just acne but like cancer and all - i've seen books about it...but you gotta be a big believer and it will require a lot form you...sort of like yoga
  7. i just read like everything on Carley's acne cleanser website and pretty convinced. I've got questions from you though. How long have you been on Carley's products? Is everything said on their website is true - for example they said 'big' vompany soaps are like detergents and theirs is form vegetables? why havent they gone all commercial if they really that succesful? thanks in advance.
  8. i used to love that glue...stupid glue ](*,) haha but anyway i now use 'hearbal essences styling gel extra hold'. it nice, not as strong as glue though. glues and polmades are our enemies. gels are ok just dont let it touch your face.
  9. it seems like that to me recently, though ive been using it since last december. since then my skin is full of lil bumps and whiteheads. Today I bought clean & clear foaming facial cleanser. its for sensitive skin and its liquid. have you guys experienced or heard cetaphill bars being clogging?
  10. so how can i get that? is that what it called? or its an ingredient?
  11. really? so anybody with acne prone skin shouldnt use any type of bar cleansers? everybody agree with this?
  12. acne? i know they're not scars but they're taking too long. they're on my cheek area and been there since december. faded a little bit though. is there any good over the counter stuff that will clean them up? i'm guessing a good skin healing product might do the job? i dont know, can you guys share some infos? thanks in advance.