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  1. i am using proactive with relatively good results, but still have acne. and now after talking with someone from proactive, they are going to start me on theyre extra strength system, its the same price, but more bp and stuff i guess. and he is going to have me use the proactive mask every other night after the cleanser. i am waiting for the shipment, and wondering if anyone has used this extra strength one, and how they liked it.
  2. i used it, and it worked fine for me. i used it when i got back cuz i was off proactive, and now back on i dont think it slowed my recovery or made it worse. it worked fine or me, but it did leave me a little extra oily.
  3. yeah ive been using it now, when i use the night cream, it makes me tight, but never dry or flakey. its just hte cream on ur face. in the morinng when i wash it off im fine. then with their moisturizer(which is for the day only) it makes it perfect.
  4. i started using that too, but i didnt notice any film. do u shave after or before u wash? i do before, so even if it did leave something, is can wash it off, u could try before if you are shaving after cleansing.
  5. i just started the neutrogena advanced solutions acne therapy thing today. and this is my first night. after the night BP thing, it face is really tight, like if i hada mask on. should i jst leave it or can i use a moisturizer? if u use the advanced solutions, id like ur help.
  6. hey, im confused on what to do next, but this might sound nice, cuz it dosent use a lot, i used everything else. but how drying/flakey does this make your skin?