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  1. Sorry for the delay in my reply. I don't have any active pimples on my face but I can feel a good bit of sebum buildup under my skin. That's what I'm hoping the salicylic peels can help me out with. And I have marks left from previous blemishes. Thats what the glycolic is for. I looked this item up at makeupalley.com. It got a great rating. it looks really intriguing. I will try to order that. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for the reply! I'll definitely be looking into the salicylic peels with your help. I've been doing 30% glycolic peels on and off for years. I have some active red marks but will later do a lower percentage later on as you advised. And I probably might cut back my glycolic peels to every other week instead. My skin has built a tolerance to it for the most part. Also, I'm still not sure if salicylic peels or a deep cleansing mask will be more effective in unclogging my pores.
  3. I've been using a 30% glycolic acid peel once a week regularly. If I want to introduce salicylic acid peels into my regimen as well, how often should I use it? What is your experience with using both at the same time. Or should I not use them at the same time. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. oh hii! <3

    how're you?

  5. rating: 2 those marks looks like it can all be healed within a a couple months or less if you treat them well. by that i mean, using sunscreen to prevent further darkening. and if you want to treat them, use glycolic acid peel 30%. you can do an egg white/lemon juice mask too. there are a lot of treatments for your skin. but honestly, like someone mentioned earlier, it looks easy to cover with a bit of makeup and it can heal naturally from there. you can use makeup with S.A to help clear up bl
  6. hi good lookin'!

  7. sorry. but what was your previous username?

  8. !! lol don't worry it's me ^___^_

    but omggg I miss you SO MUCH!!! PM meee your msn/aim/ etcetcetcetc


  9. omg. that pic scared me because i thought it was a love child you had while i was away from .org. rofl

  10. could you use aleve pills for the aspirin mask?
  11. i can understand you but i doubt a lot of others will. try to talk in a way most people can understand?
  12. as your skin gets tanner. so will your redmarks.. please wear spf 45 sunscreen.