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  1. Hey there Dan! I'm a former eBay Powerseller! I took a break from selling on eBay last month, and thus was no longer meeting the minimum requirements of selling $1000 worth of items in one month for 3 months. Unfortunately I don't think the demand for BP Gel on eBay is high enough to make much profit. If you do a search for BP Gel, you'll discover that there are no active auctions whatsoever for BP Gel. There are, however, Buy It Now auctions that are up 24/7, all of which seem to have unaffecte
  2. I have the same problem! I've been working out for 9 months and have gained 25 lbs of muscle, and I'm still hesitant to take off my shirt because of the damn pimples! Red pimples + nice muscles still = turn off!
  3. How long did it last you, wisky?
  4. DAN praised the Sonya Dakar products????? PLease someone tell me if he did?
  5. Does anyone have a review to offer about Sonya Dakar? I've been using Nucelle's 10% and 15% Mandelic Acid serum for a long time now and want to get rid of what's left and was thinking about ordering Sonya Dakar but just want to hear from you guys before I spend $200. http://sonyadakar.com/scarringskinsolution.htm Thanks, An0nYm0u5
  6. There's a clinic here in San Antonio. I called them over the summer and the receptionist informed me that: The clinic was not used for acne scar purposes and that the clinic was restricted to women only. Odd, huh?
  7. Hey Tracy. I didn't notice too much improvement in the first week or so. It was only after about 4-5 weeks that I noticed drastic improvement. I received a compliment about my skin last week, my friend told me he noticed my face cleared up and how my compexion is a lot clearer and better than it had been. It's been a few years since I've received such a compliment, and yes, it is a good feeling indeed. I've never used Lactic acid and I'm not the right person to ask if it would hurt to use simult
  8. Hello everyone! Sorry I've been gone! I've been trying to forget about my acne. I've been using the Mandelic Acid 10% serum for 8 weeks now, and I'm very pleased with the results. I feel the serum was most effective in the first 4-5 weeks, and after that the fading seems to slow down. The scars on my face have not completely faded, but they have faded enough to the point where they don't bother me anymore and I no longer sigh or feel sad when I look in the mirror. Whenever I get a new zit, I app
  9. if you haven't already checked it out, here is changbanger29's thread on the sonya dakar kojic acid treatment. other than changbanger, i am not too sure that there are many other people on this board who have used this treatment, so i'm not sure you will get many results with your poll. changbanger did, however, experience great results (i believe in 2 weeks) and believed the treatment was worth every penny. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=7161
  10. I'm expecting to receive the serum sometime this week. Should I post my progress in this thread? Also, good luck with the 15% serum, don't fry your face!!
  11. I'm ordering the 10% serum as we speak, Tracy. I was gonna get the 15% serum, but it said 15% should not be used to start out with, and is only accessible to those that have ordered 10% in the past, or something similar to that.