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  1. Thank u erpatter...so what happened to your lost shipment? did they reship it? yeah my order is international, but htey said it shouldnt take more than 14 days...i will wait a little longer to see.....hope i will get it soon
  2. thanks guys..i heard they are not bad...but i have no idea why my shippment is taking more than 3 weeks..i am worried...cos if shipment is lost ...i dont know what i can do....or how they would remedy it i ordered from RIchard before..he is great...and shippment was very fast
  3. yes i agree with EHgirl.... some of my treated areas dont really turn red...but some more sensitive areas can turn bright red and brown and remain that way for over a week...but i guess if you just Cross a small no of scars each time, it shouldnt be too obvious.... in any event, the red/brown marks dont really show up if you apply concealer/make up so which is good
  4. Just wondering if anyone has purchased from Pure Deming before? are they reliable? cos my shipment is taking AGES...like over 3 weeks already...and still havent arrived.........
  5. yeah most of my relatives/friends dont really have acne...even if they do, they are minor ones and nowhere as bad as mine. One thing I still remmeber and would probably NEVER forget is that my acne-free uncle and cousin once said to me during a dinner, "oh..how come yr skin is so bad?"...............What the hell...how am i suppose to answer???????? it';s been so many years and i still get similar questions thrown at me at times...i am so sick of it becasue they completely destroy my self-esteem
  6. Well...i dont have much acne now, but i have a lot of scars from stupid acne during adolesence. If i can get rid of the scars...i know for sure I WONT NEED TO hide my cheek with my hair anymore, and I can tie my hair up and expose my face to the fullest, and MOST OF ALL, i would not mind to look at myself in any lighting including bad one, like spot lights...etc at all just curious...does anyone not tie their hair up in public becasue of acne/scars on thier face too?
  7. Yeah me too, i am so obssessed with my skin and particuarly my scars. As i am trying out new procedure now to improve my scars, I basically look frantically at the mirror everyday just to see if my scars are improving ...it's a tiring and painful process, especially when i am not seeing any changes to my scars so far.. I suffered from severe acne during my adolesence and wasnt able to get much help from doctors, and now I am left with a lot of ice-pick scars on my face to remind me of that pain
  8. Hi guys, I'd like to know for those who have tried lactic acid peel before..how has it helped you? does it help with scarring and pore sizes??
  9. Hi guys, I have heard tthat a weekly lactic acid peel could improve enlarged pores and possible ice-picks scars over long term....is this true?? I am interested in buying some lactic acid peel, can someone pls tell me what strength and ph level would be best and effective for these skin conditions? is 85% lactic acid peel too strong to start off? also does it cause any downtime or peeling? THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  10. Yeah me too I just started using TCA cross 50% on my ice-picks scars...it's been just over 2 weeks..and i havnet seen any improvements yet..the treated areas are still reddish/brown to be honest, i am little discouraged and disappointed....or am i just being too impatient? so many people have said wonderful things about TCA ...i really hope it would work for me....
  11. Hi guys! Id like to know where I can buy TCA 100%? somone mentioned it's available from peelsondemand, but the website isnt working anymore. Also, to people who have done TCA CRoss with 50%, did you guys get good results without using 100% too? THANK YOU SO MUCH!