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  1. No in the morning i put on a fatty load of bp and i tried eucerin renewal for the first time, but when i got to school my face was like a "frosted donut" as my friend said and laughed. It still peels off, the eucerin renewal didn't seem to help that much in that.
  2. Alright well I tried it, i put the bp on each cheek one at a time before i went to school today, and my face was ashy as hell, my friends were making fun of me for awhile.... i dont think this eucerin stuff is really helpin on the flakiness
  3. alright thanks i'll try to get it then i guess, i'll update ya on how it goes
  4. Hey thanks for the response, I put a fat dot on each cheek, it just about takes up my whole finger and it takes a good awhile to get it on. Yeah I understand Dan stresses putting a lot on, but well i dunno... i can't really afford it and whenever I did it would flake a lot Washing my face i don't wash for that long, probably around 10 seconds actually the more i think about it, dryness is not a problem. I actually got the Eucerin Dry Skin lotion as it was the only one I could find at
  5. I have been on the regimen for over 8 weeks, and althoguh i have noticed an improvement, i still get zits on my face fairly often. Generally i'll have around 2 or 3 on my face at a time, right now I've got about 4 and one FAT one sprouting up between my eyes. That's the area that ALWAYS seems to get zits no matter what i do to it, i put a fair amount of bp on there but nothing ever seems to stop the zits from coming up between the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, so frustrating. This is what i'm doin
  6. Yes I've asked everyone, they would just tell me that if they have any, it would be in the skin care area. In the skin care area there normally won't be any, the only place that I found Neutrogena BP was at Sav Ons, but it's pretty expensive. But I can't find in bulk!
  7. Hey, I can't seem to find some cheap 2.5% Bp anywhere! I'd rather get it in a store, i don't want to buy it online. Where do you get yours? what pharmacy? i've checked the costco pharmacy, the savon pharmacy, and longs but none had it!
  8. For me, probably between the eyes. It's definitely visible, and it's hard to put BP there! I also seem to get the fattest pimples there. Oh and also right under your eyelash! I forget what they are called, but I got it from not cleaning my contacts often enough , it's not visible but it hurts and it doesn't go away for the first week or so, when you wake up your eye looks jacked up! Also, it can't peel off after the zit dies away, it stays there and you have to dissolve it with hot cloth ever
  9. The lump is for sure not dead skin cells my skin is not peeling, I am positive the stuff peeling off is either the bp or the moisturizer. My face isn't red anymore, my face finally adjusted to the bp after 2 hard weeks. If your face is still red, just keep trying and hopefully your face will adjust soon!
  10. Hey, I've been on the regimen for 3 weeks now and I've noticed improvements. However, lately the bp has been starting to peel off my face. I've read in some posts about this, but they weren't quite clear on what I should do. Could someone tell me what I should do to keep the bp and moisturizer on without peeling? I feel like when it peels off, my face is completely acne-defenseless!
  11. maybe try the tape method? It's exfoliating (crap load of dead skin cells on the tape) and it doesn't irritate anything, or at least I don't think.
  12. Well, after three days, seems like not much has happened... I think my scars have faded slightly, but I can't really tell. The change isn't drastic enough for me to tell a difference. However, the box says I should notice improvements by week 2, and I'm only on day three so I'm still optimistic. One bad thing though, right now I got the stuff on and some white gunky stuff is kinda peeling off my face, and I don't think that's good. I have too much stuff on my face! What order do you put the s
  13. Yeah I'm excited, I just went out and bought some and I'll try it tonight and tomorrow. I bought the one the exact one that is being talked about, not the moisturizer. However, the box says it's an excellent lotion and it works well with a moisturizer. So my regimen will be: Cleanse face with cetaphil face wash Apply Neutrogena on-the-spot 2.5 BP Apply Neutrogena multivitamin Moisturize with cetaphil moisturizer wish me luck, I still get some zits, but the real thing that is annoying me