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  1. I've tried many birth control pills too, and the one that killed me was Seasonale. I gained 20 pounds, and got horrible cystic acne from it, and I was only on if for 7 months! I wanted to try it b/c I thought it would be cool to only get my period every three months. I went back on the Yasmin, which I found to be best for my skin. I also tried Estrostep and Mircette many years ago, and they made my skin worse, too. You have to keep trying many kinds, and you will find one that works for you eve
  2. I will be teaching DAY swim lessons for 3 hours a day 2 days a week. The rest are in the evening, so I won't have to worry. SO I should be ok with a waterproof SPF 45 suncscreen?
  3. I've been taking 25 mg of Adderall XR for 7 months now, and it has not affected my skin at all. I think it's coincidental.
  4. My sunscreen is waterproof, so should I still apply it every hour? If I do get a sunburn, how bad will it be? If there is the possibility of severe burning, I guess I should apply for another job.....I don't want any permanant damage. Thanks everyone!
  5. I'm currently on Tretinex (a newer retinoid), and have been on it since November. I teach summer swim lessons, and the info packet said to avoid sun exposure. I always wear 45 SPF on my face, but even so, my face will be exposed to the sun....it's inevitable. How will sun exposure with retinoids affect my skin? Will I just sunburn more easily? Please help, i don't see my derm for another month. Thanks!
  6. I can't leave the house for 2 weeks! Just in case you guys haven't read my other thread, I just got my 9th vbeam on Thursday. It left me with 100 purple bruises the size of thumb tacks all over my face. My derm says it will take 2 weeks to heal, but I'm guessing at least 3 or 4 I'm going crazy locking myself in the house! And no, makeup doesn't do anything for purple bruises, so I don't even bother.
  7. What's arnica, and where can I get it? Thanks!
  8. Even though I have red marks only on both of my lower cheeks, she does my WHOLE face for $250, plus an extra $38 for "surgical fees". We made that deal one year ago, because the cosmetic surgeon that works in her office wanted $250 PER AREA, which is so expensive.
  9. But I've always been told the more aggressive the treatment, the better results you'll get. I first started getting vstar in January of 05, in time for my wedding in June. I kept telling her to bruise me,a nd I'd end up with six tiny ones at the most. I kept going back after my wedding....the first two after the wedding were complete bullshit, and I saw no results. Then went I went back, she went over my face twice--I had no bruising, but saw great results. So this time, June 1, I really got bru
  10. Sorry about the new thread--the previous ones didn't anser my questions Anyways, my gyno wants to switch me from Yasmin to Ortho due to spotting between periods. I have been on Yasmin for years, and it helps my skin a lot. My breakouts are much less frequent. However, I have also been on Seasonale, Mircette, and Estrostep which were AWFUL. I have heard some horror stories about ortho, and how it makes your skin worse instead of better. Any experiences/advice? thanks
  11. I give them attitude right back. One time at the Estee Lauder counter, I asked if they had any acne fighting concealers. Of course, the lady pulled out a bunch of crap that would "cover my acne real well". Then I stared directly at her wrinkles, and said "does it help cover wrinkles also". OF course, I caught her off guard, and she quickly stammered "oh yes". My sister who was with me the whole time says "no way, you don't have wrinkles. And when you get them, use botox". SO we ended up humiliat
  12. Here is mine: http://www.myspace.com/43079322 Here is mine: http://www.myspace.com/43079322 I just have to say to everyone who responded with their myspace link: You are all so good looking!
  13. Nope, I've been skipping my period for 7 years. I don't know why the hell it happened. My gyno told me " I don't know" Some doctor, huh? I guess all bc works different for everyone. I would rather have break through bleeding then go on a new pill that would break me out, I guess
  14. 2 years ago, I had absolutely NO acne or red marks. But still, I thought my pores were too big, I sometimes had a light pink blush on my cheeks. If only I knew then what I know now!