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    Hey everyone i am getting NLITE done on thursday for my acne. I am really looking forward to getting it done and hopefully it will be succesfully. I was speaking to the women and she says she normally treats people with cystic acne and may require 1-6 treamtnets to get the benefits. But what i forgot to ask was since i only have mild acne surely i will see the benfits within 2-3 weeks after getting it done, i have a friend who didnt have bad skin but got it done anyway to remove a few small scar
  2. Hey, i was reading that post on rear view mirrors and the guys completly right. I think its a bastard how you can look at one mirror and feel good but when you look at a different one your confidence goes. Anyway onto my question, this again has something to do with the different mirrors/lighting. Anyway i go clubbin alot wid ma mates and when a go to the bathroom they always have these huge mirrors in them with horrible bright lighting, but the good thing is i always look really really good und
  3. Hey everyone, i was woundering how bad is it not to wash in the morning or at night? like wot effect does that have on the progression of a pimple forming? cheerz
  4. Acne is bad right but why do we only get it on some places and other areas are clear, for example under the skin, temple-side board area, nose, cheeks and forehead. I only get acne on the kneck and mouth area, i dont understand really, can someone help, i realise that it is a difficult question. thanks
  5. If you have acne but nice bright blue eyes or whatever then make eye contact women love that, secondley if your making eye contact with anyone how can they be looking at your spots, by the way for people with mild acne no one gives a fook if ya got mild acne in my opinion.
  6. Your going to look at the subject of this post and think ehhhhhh but i am starting to get extremely paranoid of different lighting and how i appear to offers, my friends always say this if you think you look good, nice under the folllows mirrors and lighting then you will to others Car mirror under dashboard Mirror in heavy lighting for example bedroom mirror without the curtains or blindes closed Mirrors in shops- they use heavy lights and yeh i always think i do look good but i still g
  7. See ive always wanted to have a proper discussion with fellow acne suffers on tanning. I mean u go on holiday have a great time, skin clears up, have loadz of women etc etc, and then u come home loose your tan and your acne re'appears. Simply putting it i just dont see the negative to tanning and acne. I mean yeh therez the whole 'skin cancer' shit but u only get skin cancer over repeated exposer to the sun. I'm not preechin or anything here i just find it funny how could it can be for you.Tanni
  8. Hey everyone, ive been on this product called NICAM Gel right and it seems to be working really really well at getting rid of actual spots. However i recently thought my acne was looking better than it actually was. The thing is i wanted my acne gone by new year, and honestly this looked really likely until recently. i dont have any breakouts now and i think its just a matter of time before there all gone, well the problem is that when i put the gel around my cheeck and jaw line area it doesnt s
  9. thanks 4 ur reply, so by moisurtizing will this stop the flakey skin throughout the day, like if i do it at nighttime, apply the gel, moisturize will i wake up wid loadz of flakes? thanks m8
  10. I dunno if anyone is familiar with this product but ive recently been prescribed this product by the doc, any how i cant really comment if its working or not cos ive only used it one night yet my skin does feel smoother and the spots are less inflamenated(sp), anyhow i was woundering once the gel has dried up on the skin iz it ok to moisturize afterwards, i dont wanna mix all the shit 2gether and get more breakouts, plz reply ta
  11. thanks 4 ur reply, i cant seem to find the slected page tho, can u give me the link thanks....
  12. Hey ive just came back from the doctors and shes put me on this Nicotinamide Topical Gel and i was woundering if anyone has used this before, anygood? she says its specifcially designed for red marks. laterz
  13. Hey howz everything guys, i was thinking of this idea which may or may not be a mthod already used tot reat red marks. Well basically my acne is gone but am left with red marks on ma forehead, checks and chin so as u can imagine i am really pissed off, it was bp that caused this and the BP didnt even clear my acne it just went on its own. The main reason i got acne in the first place was because i neva used any acne washes i think. Anyway this thought of mine popped up when i was looking in the
  14. Hey everyone, i was woundering if any1 can give me some really good methods for getting rid of red marks. My acne has all but gone now so i'm 'fairly' pleased about that but these red marks r rather harsh and the skin feels all rough around the redness. The redness was applying BP on it. I had never used BP until then and its a fukin happyflowers it really iz, i'm really pissed off about it. So can any1 help me? thanks, iz there anything a doctor cud do?