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  1. I´ve been trying to find some information about how much white kidney beans ( Phaseolus Vulgarisone) one carb blocker pill equals but I can´t find anything. Does anyone know how to find that information?
  2. I don´t know eather. If it hurts and changes every day it could be acne. If it´s scars you should have had acne first.
  3. I was thinking, just like Wynne, about vitamin C deficiency. And there are actually some people here on acne.org who have had succes with there acne using vitamin C. I think it´s good for scaring too even taken internaly.
  4. Oh concratulations!!! That´s wonderful! I understand you can´t try anything. Well I might try it even though I too got a little paranoid. But I haven´t got much to lose. God luck with everything!/Anna
  5. Yes they tend to be "starch" blockers. This could actually make your acne worse. You know about the SCD diet? Well it's designed to prevent starch from reaching your colon(this diet is also known to clear acne in many cases). But if you use carb-blockers you will do the exact opposite. This will lead to a large amount of fermentation in your large bowel(bad!) and you will be constantly farting. Some people have theorized that this fermentation creates nasty substances that eventually gets exc
  6. I´m really curiouse of your results LiliVG!!! I have just ordered some carb blockers my self. So keep posting!!
  7. Thanks again Hhughes! I´ve been reading a bit more in the thread now and I´m wondering, how did you know that SciArt/EnLux had the most powerful lamp?! How did you find it? I´ve been to there homepages and it isn´t like they have a lot on them. I was first thinking of buying from the place where Leo bought his bulp but now I´ve read about yours it sounds so much more powerful. But ít´s sooo expensive! I can´t afford it. I know it´s not expensive compared to Acnelamp but it´s alot of m
  8. Would it be very hard for a NON technical person (like me) to build the kind of bulps that Leo bought from these small things: http://cgi.ebay.com/100-PC-5mm-7000mcd-Ult...1QQcmdZViewItem And are they the right ones? Wolfy, Leo or anyone?
  9. Hi Leo! Just wondering how you are progressing with your lamp? Is it working?
  10. Ok, thank you Hhughes! So I don´t have to worry about getting skin cancer after long term use...? Poloho, I think it´s strange that you have to sit 1 foot away since the only lamp they sell in Sweden (where I live) is some kind of portable one that you are suppose to massage against you skin.
  11. à haven´t read the hole thread so maby you´ve already been through this. I think these lights sounds really interesting! But does everyone here who have tried it feal confident that it isn´t harmfull in any way? Just the words violet light sounds a bit scary to me. And the fact that you have to wear googles.
  12. Lambam, can you write down the how much you take of each vitamin. And do you take real vit A or is i beta carotene? i take 1 vitamin e 400 i.u. , 2 zinc 15mg each, 1 vitamin c 1000mg and 2 vitamin a 6mg each. im taking beta carotene but iv had real vitamin a before the guy in the shop told me theyre the same thing. kingpin343 i get them in that health shop ' holland and barret' iv never seen them in supermarkets myself. OK, thank you Lambam!
  13. Lambam, can you write down the how much you take of each vitamin. And do you take real vit A or is i beta carotene?