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  1. milk is not that bad, stop saying shit like that, maybe it causes acne, no one can prove it, u start tellin kids that milk is bad for them, its just another thing, everything is bad, this is bad for, that is bad for you, but it would be better them drink milk then malt liquer, milk is not that bad, yall are psycho's, and why the hell do you know so much about milk?!?! and glandular sitts excretions, whatever the hell? you know more about something you dont like, then most people do with things
  2. when my mom was around my ae, she had a huge cyst on her check, so bad the doctir had to do an x cut and drain everything out of it, it left her with a dimple, the dimple looks real, so it dont really bother her. :-k
  3. im 22 yr old guy, started gettin it around maybe 14 or 15, sometimes i think its gone, then sometimes...it comes barreling in like a tornado in an east texas trailer park. i dont know when its gonna leave, ive been showing it the door for about 7 years now, it just wont take a hint. it better be gone soon, ive had enough of it, i mean whens the last time u saw a big movie star with acne? and i hate mtv!! how are these 16 yr old kids gettin on trl, without a single fucking blemish on their face?!
  4. if i get one of those cyst things, couldnt i like stab the basturd with a needle thats sanitized, and maybe put something on it? i wouldnt be picking at it, or i dont know, i just want this shit to go away, i have enough things i have to deal with, other than the first impression that is destroyed by acne. :-k
  5. im losing it, nothing works, how in the hell can we send people to outer space, but they cant make a tube of some shit that will make acne go away?!?! someone has a cure, and when i find them, i will beat them, for a very very long time. now...does anyone know how to make a big cyst go away? i really need to know, i just got back in town and im supposed to go see this girl im friends with, and im not about to go see her with humphrey hangin around. kno what im sayn? ](*,)