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  1. i recommend this bar. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=BUY-GFI-0-PLP This bar is AWESOME!!!!
  2. Alrighty, For the past week Ive been washing my face in the shower with noting but mosturizer. Heres what I do. I have Cetaphil mosturizer for severe dry skin. I hop in the shower and first thing I do is put a bunch of mosturizer all over my and gently rub as if it were a cleanser. I leave the mosturizer on for the entire length of the shower and let the steam in the room do its thing as well. After about 10-15 min I rinse off the mosturizer and rinse my body with cold water. Thats it!
  3. i get this problem every once and a while as well and I notice that I get it when my lips are really dry. So I apply lip balm carefully on just my lip area and keep away from my actual skin. Maybe that will help. Are your lips dry alot?
  4. I would just like to tell you Dan that even though I dont agree with your regimen, you have got to be one of the coolest guys in the world. You obviously care about acne and you are one of few people that actually care about doing something about it. Even though I dont think that a bigger tube of Benzoyl Peroxide is the solution I think the fact that you are trying counts for soooooo much! At least you trying. There are a lot of people out there that dont even care but your just a single per
  5. Thank you Belowzero. By the way "DAN IS STILL THE MAN" and I will take that to the grave with me
  6. For all of you out there that say you have clear skin because of the regimen, my question is have you now stopped using it? Lowered the frequency of use? Or do you plan on doing this everyday for the rest of your life?
  7. You people keep saying that I am just going by my own experiences and I have no proof of the side effects. Well the proof is on WWW.FDA.GOV and on the BP labeling itself. It says DO NOT USE MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED DOSAGE. Yet Dan is telling you to use four finger lengths which is probobly 5x more than the recommended dose, (Which by the way is what a dermotologist recommends). Ive got another question for everyone. Do you think its healty to overdose on any medication? YES OR NO! T
  8. I think the purpose of any regimen should be to get a good complexion. Using a tube of BP a week WILL NOT give you a good complexion.
  9. whoever uses BP and has a red face say "I"!
  10. I dont agree with you guys. Im not trying to start anything but I just want to let everyone know that in the long run, using this much BP is not good. I have a question. All of you people that have clear skin because of the regimen, have you stopped using the benzoly peroxide now since your clear? The answer is probobly no. I was a solution and having to go through a tube a week of BP is not a solution. You must follow the recomendations or else there will be consiquences.
  11. Dan when you say that this product is safe, I agree with you. However you are telling these people to use 3 or 4 finger lengths of the product twice a day, which is totally misusing the product. I have read the instructions on a tube of benzoyl peroxide and it says apply a small amount to the infected area. A small amount would probobly be a dime size amount. 4 finger lengths is much more than a dime size amount and I think that these side effects are a direct reflection of misusing this pro
  12. I have said this time and time again and I dont think people are listening but I really wish everybody would stop using sooooo much Benzoyl Peroxide on their face. Im an not a dermatologist or anything, however from personal experience and from what I read from all of you, redness is the #1 side effect of using that much benzoyl peroxide, followed by flaking. Im almost positive that 5 years from now, the lasers such as cleartouch, Nlight, and smoothbeam, and so forth will be what everybody use
  13. Yes they do. But dont be on the look out for the words Glycolic acid. LOOK FOR ALPHA HYDROXY ACID or AHA.
  14. Every guy in the world is becoming feminine. We are all worried about how we look, seems to me, worse than girls. What happened to the rought rugged guy. Just felt like saying this. I think its because girls want a pretty boy now more than a rugged guy. Just my opinion.
  15. Nobody is making fun of the way you talk! Im not sure but I havnt heard anybody talk on this board. Ive seen typing though