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  1. well, im going to talk to my doctor....even though i have very visible scars, it still takes a little bit of edge off (as long as it sinks no more)....he also mentioned that there are diffrent strengths in restalyne and said what he was shotting me with low-medium stuff and that next time "heavy" would be good....all depends on how it absorbs..... it kinda sucks because for those first few days i literally had a completely diffrent face, exactly how it was before i broke out heavy years ago! c
  2. five days now, and it seems to be sinking even more.....id say that so far, it seems like minimal improvement, not sure if its worth it.....ill let you know....anybody still on this board anymore?
  3. ok, three days later and some of the restalyne went away...id say on one cheek, what looked like a 70% improvement is now 55%...on the other cheek what was a 25% is now 15% with a purple bruisy thing from the injection that looks like it'll leave a scar....Been putting ice and neosporin, but taking a long time to dissapear...any advice, Hatch... ill keep you posted
  4. Hey, Hatch and Co.! OK, so I had my restalyne injections this morning....on one side of my cheek i have a 70% improvement--very happy...one the other side, id say 25% however, it still early--i literally had it done, like 6 hours ago....i was rosy around my cheeks the first hour....i have some strange red/purple marks that i was told will fade in a few days...does this sound right? what im hoping is that the filler wont fade cause its pretty good on that one side... ill update everybody in th
  5. hey, another question....anyone ever hear of someone getting collagen/restylane/etc. filler and it not holding in the skin?
  6. hey bro...dont even waste the time with tetracycline...go straight for the accutane and you will be clear by summer, period.
  7. you bet it does, Hatch! One pro-filler, none post-filler one question, Hatch....does it raise the scar to the point of making it "bumpy"? or does it even it out? thanks :wink:
  8. thanks maya... well, unscrewed, i have a "best of" collection of scars....i have the pick scars and i have the dents....its the dents that bother me the most....my doctor says hell only inject restylane in certain kind of scars (which, Im not sure)....two people ive known have had collagen...one with semi-positive results, the other negative....
  9. hey you guys...im thinking of getting Restylane injections this month, which is a little different than collagen, but basically the same in theory....can anybody give me some experiences with injections....i know its not permanent, but its kind of my only option to keep on top of it every few months... thanks
  10. cool...i started using Spyrex (without the sheets) around the same time, so far, no results....my sister, who is lighter pocked (thank god for her), just strted using Maderma...ill be watching her as well