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  1. So peeps now my acne has pretty much calmed down, get the odd spot here and there but who doesn't, I want to try and fix the scars I am left with, if this means completely removing them or at least improving them I'd be happy with either, so what's my options, scars are on the face, have some on body but not too fussed about these, heard TCA is good but yeah give me your opinions, thanks.
  2. I don't think it's that bad where my skin has started to peel but it's definitely inflamed and red, sometimes the only way to get rid of the itching is just to itch it but I know that's bad for the skin, on my scalp I suffer with dandruff, is that related at all, I've suffered with that for years now, probably as long as I have with dry skin, sometimes the skin does swell as well, i get red lumps which normally bleed when I itch them, it's just horrible I'm constantly moisturising. Thanks for yo
  3. Couldn't find anywhere else to write this so hope it's in the correct place, anyways I've been suffering from acne for years now, but in the last couple years or so my acne has started to clear up, I still get acne just not as bad, the main thing I seem to suffer with now and quite bad as well is dry skin which in turn makes my acne worse as I'm constantly itching my skin and picking it, I get dry skin on my face, neck, my ears, behind my ears and my eyebrow area is probably my worse areas, anyw
  4. Thought I would wake this thread back up as I never did do anything about my scars and am in serious thoughts on what to do now and wanna actually put things into pactice now, what is the best and cheapest way, I used to hear lots about TCA peels on here, is that still a good method and is it still being used?.
  5. I need to buy a decent cleanser for my spot prone skin, don't really deal with bad acne on my face or neck anymore but have decided to start using a cleanser again as my skin gets lots of oil and I don't think just water is enough, I live in the UK so products I can get over here would be great?.
  6. I have just had a shave with cold water and i found that it pulled the hair more and hurt, now my face is left red and burning probably from where the razor didn't glide but pulled the hairs out. This could of been cause i was using a cheap disposable razor though so i am gonna try with my gillette fusion proglide once i get some blades for it and see what the results are then. I am not sure if the razor burn on my neck is worse yet until 24hrs has passed as i normally come out worse within that
  7. I have got to the point with my acne that it is under control now, apart from my body acne that is and I want to see what is out there to improve scars on the cheeks of the face, at the moment I just want to focus on the face. I would rather stay at home and treat myself if possible rather than going out. So what is out there which is easy and not too expensive to do?.
  8. tommy_boi

    Hair = Lump

    Does anyone have lumps come up on the side of the neck or the back of the neck (this is usually where I get them worse) that usually has a hair in the middle of it, if it is possible I normally pick the hair out and the lump goes down within so many days, does other people suffer with this and what other ways can you clear them up or stop them coming, I don't think it is cystic acne, I think it is something to do with a blocked hair or summat?.
  9. I have not been around on these forums for ages now, been pretty much clear with my skin so not had to come on here picking people's brains for answers, but hey i am back again for some answers if one can be given, my skin has pretty much been clear for months now, i am talking 6 months or longer, but today all of a sudden i have come out in some cysts on my neck, now i am not sure if this my skin being a problem again as i seem to get these around this time of the year when the weather starts w
  10. I have this problem, i keep getting the same type of spot in the same place, when i get rid of it by picking it or summat it goes leaves a slight mark but then come back up again like a week later, the spot has formed again now for the third time and i have no clue why it keeps doing this, all i can think of is this has only started to happen since i started wet shaving, does anyone have any ideas, this spot just keeps coming back up in the exact same place, ideas to get rid of this once and for
  11. Just wondering if you people could help me with this issue of mine, on my neck i seem to get these small red bumps under my skin, very small and sometimes red, the way to clear them from the neck is to press on them like your popping a normal spot, but all these little red spots do is go red, sore, and bleed a bit and then a couple of days later then heal and go with no problems, i seem to get many of these and sometimes in the same places, does anyone know what this cause be or what could be ca
  12. Well this is my problem, when i shave i seem to get a red rash on my neck, my face and neck seems to itch really bad too, i also get whiteheads that pop up too that i dont normally suffer from, no matter what i do or try i always seem to get this problem, when i use my electric shaver i never get the problem, but i do like to have a shave now and then, but when i do i get this bad problem, does anyone have any advice for us instead of stick to electric shaving?.
  13. Does anyone else use the garnier pure active deep pore wash, i've started using it and would like to know how it worked for other people?.
  14. Been using Clearasil ultra for a week or two now, which is 2% salicylic acid. It has made me clear, however is quite drying - I think that's all the other anti-bacterial ingredients they put in it. I Bought garnier pure active today, looks simpler with 2% salicylic acid. Will let you know how it goes! Yeah let me know how you get on with the garnier pure active, i've tried the clearasil ultra which worked for me for many months but then stopped working for some reason and i got spots back ag
  15. Well i'm using the wash in my regimen which is a BP wash, it seems to be working but i'm still getting some blocked pores, should i still be getting this with using a BP wash, or would it be better using an SA wash, i've used both as i used to use an SA wash before this BP wash and the BP wash definitely takes care of bigger spots better, but its these annoying blocked pores and i was thinking SA would work better for that, even though i thought the BP in the wash i'm using now would take care o
  16. Has anyone used these yet, especially the deep pore wash?.
  17. Which salicylic acid washes are you people using in the UK, and is their a best one to use, or are they all the same as each other?.
  18. Has anyone tried this, if so how was it at keeping away those spots, if you look at the link and go down the page you will see the wash i'm talking about. http://www.neutrogenauk.co.uk/productdispl...t_visibly_clear
  19. Is this the panoxyl 10 wash your on about, or the BP cream that you rub on your face?.
  20. Does anyone know any gentle exfoliating methods?.