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  1. Hello brother love26 I need your help can you please tell me what is your skin condition now is there was scars / holes in your face or it's Goan away please reply 

  2. Hello All! Im going to make this real short. I have box type acne scars on my cheeks and a little on my temples. I dont know anything about lasers and which ones work. I am going to schedule a consultation soon but want to know a little bit about the lasers and my options. I am afrais of damaginf my skin even more so I dont want to do anything harsh to my skin. I have done dermabrasion and peels in the past which totally damaged my skin. I dont want to waste money on something that wont work.
  3. My friend gets cold sores around the time before her period and stressfull events. She is about to get married and does not want it to ruin her big day. Has anyone cured or controlled cold sores with natural remedies? Please help she is very desperate. I know, this is an acne website but I just thought Id try. Please share! I dont know much about this.
  4. Meditation has almost cured my acne. My acne was due to hormonal imbalance. Stress( emotional problems in my life) = hormonal chaos= acne. My stress levels have gone down and my acne is almost gone.
  5. despite me having, some dark hairs above my lips, acne and missing periods...Honestly could not afford it.. Have you gained any weight?? I know you said you are thin, but have you gained any weight? The reason I ask is becasue you seem to have all the symptoms of polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. You have all of them except weight gain. Have the docs checked you for that?
  6. Y not at the same time? So I should take coconut oil in the AM and probio in the PM?
  7. [ink: So wat do u think? Speak on it.
  8. im scared to get any treatments because i think it will make it worse to tell you the truth
  9. [ If you don't have yeast infections, like, ever, does that still mean you have a candida overgrowth? Or is it a way you can tell if you have it.. =P