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  1. I've got about 6 more weeks until 18 weeks, the planned duration of my accutane treatment
  2. hey, update 2 months later... I have to say, the past two months have been the longest time period with the least amount of acne in 3 years or so...right now i've got some small dying/healing pimples, about 3 or so If anyone has questions, feel free to ask
  3. I'm pretty much in the same boat as in my last post. The pimples that I had gotten continue to dry out. Im having a problem with them bleeding, however. I think the accutane is delaying their ability to heal up well, and I wake up every day with my pillows spotted with blood. I am pretty sure that I'll get some scars out of this (though I think the resulting scars would be less than had I not taken accutane and just continued getting acne, however). I've just been putting neosporin on them,
  4. well, I think I'm in a between stage now. A lot of the pimples I have gotten in the past week or so are getting dried out, and I think a good bit of my skin in general is getting more dried out. However, I've seen almost no difference thus far in my forehead - it still gets greasy/shiny and I just recently had some pimples form there. I also have a smaller acne cyst on my left upper temple. My body skin seems to be getting a bit drier, but all in all I still havent seen too much change there
  5. well folks, I think I'm officially in the "initial outbreak" stage. the last few days I've gotten new, small pimples, and cumulatively I think I'm there. hopefully this'll end soon and I can get past it.
  6. pretty much more of the same today...a few new (maybe) small pimples. I need to start using moisturizer before bed...waking up with a super dry face is fairly unpleasant. Also, I've been noticing some chest pain lately. I dont know if its muscular, skeletal, or whatever, but its there.
  7. not to jinx myself, but my skin looks (relatively) good today...no new pimples, old one are drying out/dissapearing, and I think I got a bit of a suntan that covers up some red marks. the cyst I had on my eyebrow has come to a head, too
  8. My skin seems to be drying up a bit more, as are my lips. My face seems dryer today too, though I think that might be because I was out in the sun a little too long. Most of my acne has been coming to a head very quickly, though I have what seems like some cystic acne near my eyebrow - I'll be interested to see what happens to it in the coming days.
  9. how long have you been on it now? did you see an initial breakout? if your acne is decreasing, how long did it take? ←
  10. It seems like most people around here have started on either 40 or 60mg, and I'm trying to get a general idea as to when 80mg of the drug would really start affecting me (I realize everyone is different, but like I said, just a general idea). And I guess weight is a dependent factor, and I'm about 160lbs, so if anyone around that weight has input, that would be especially great (though I'd like to hear from anyone that started on 80mg). I'm mostly wondering when you started getting dry lips/sk
  11. also, my nose is a bit dry, and I have a bunch of whiteheads that I've gotten in the past couple of days, though neither are necessarily out of the range of normality. I would sooner attribute these changes to my change in skin care regimine (to non medicated stuff) than to accutane working after two and a half days.