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  1. I "make" my own moisturizer by using a few drops of jojoba oil and a small pump of aloe vera gel. It works amazingly for me, but I don't have very dry (or oily) skin. I use it as a makeup remover too. I just take a few drops and rub it all over my face and over my eyelids to remove mascara (make sure you don't open your eyes until it's washed off though). After letting it set for a few seconds I wash it off, and my makeup comes right off. I've never used it as a cleanser though, only a moist
  2. SeattleGirl

    Clear for Years

    I've been on BP gel for a few years now....3 or 4, I think. My old albums are 2- years old, so here's some new pics.
  3. I think this is the right board, but if it's not let me know. So I've been using Dan's BP gel for a few years now, and it works great on my skin however it bleaches all of my towels and pillow cases. I've just lived with it - using only white towels and old/cheap pllow cases. As hilarious as this is probably going to sound.... I'm getting stuff for when I move out and I really, really want bright colored towels But I know the BP gel will just bleach them. So I'm looking for something else. D
  4. Recently i've been putting some organic whole milk on a cotton pad and rubbing it all over my face after patting it dry after cleansing. I leave it for 2-10 minutes, it dries a bit, then I rinse it off and continue on with BP gel and moisturizer. Since i've been doing this my face feels much softer and looks more glowy. Since it seems to be working (and isn't breaking me out), I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon. But I'm curious on why milk does this. Does anyone know what ingredient(s)
  5. I just got a facial today, and I was wondering, those who use BP gel and get facials, do you use the gel the next morning/evening after getting your facial, or do you give it some time to heal? I did get extractions done. If you let it heal, how long do you wait? Even if you don't get facials (regularly or ever), what's your take on this? Thanks!
  6. First of all, I haven't been on the forums here for quite a long time (so ignore any links to regimens at the bottom of my post). A couple years ago I started using an apple cider vinegar and water mixture on my face before putting moisturizer. From what I remember, it helped quite a bit, but didn't care for the smell. I started using BP gel almost 2 years ago, and it's been working pretty well. My face started getting really dry with it about a month ago. I then went back to my apple cider
  7. I've been on CSR for about 11 months now, and it's worked great. I mainly had breakouts on my temples, and after a few weeks on CSR the bumps were gone, and I had what I thought were acne scars leftover. I figured they'd heal with time... but when I got a facial today, my esthetician was doing extractions and said I had closed comedones on my temples. I asked what they were exactly, and she said they were similar to blackheads but were deep. She said was able to extract most of them, but I'm won
  8. SeattleGirl

    No Acne

    some pictures of me after getting clear (or with makeup on ;-))
  9. I've actually experienced this too! when I use the cleanser, it's fine. Put on the csr gel, it's fine. But when I moisturize, it does burn a little bit, and cause a little bit of redness. My face is a little blotchy, but it doesnt last long and my mineral powder covers it.
  10. Some people would probably still buy it at the store simply because it's more convienent, and alot of people probably wouldn't even know about the website until after they bought it. I dunno, if the price raised id still buy it, but hopefully it wouldnt be by too much.... i'm a student making minimum wage, lol!
  11. If you buy them altogether the shipping will be less than if you bought them individually, that *kinda* counts as a discount
  12. Well I got mine in the mail yesterday. It has excellent foaming power! I've only used it twice though, so I'm not sure how well it's working compared to Purpose (my old cleanser) yet. but so far I love it, worth the $16
  13. When did you order yours? I'm in the Seattle area too and ordered mine Wednesday. Last time I ordered BP gel I placed my order Sunday (processed Monday), and I got my gel on Wednesday! Amazing how fast they can get something from Texas to Seattle isn't it?
  14. I just ordered it tonight. I don't mind payching $17 for it, because it's a 16oz bottle and my 6oz bottle of Purpose lasts me a good 3-5 months, so I expect this stuff will last for 8 to 12 months for me. I can't wait til the moisturizer comes out!
  15. Ok, thanks. It does have a Mastercard symbol and it said my order was processed, so I guess it does accept debit:) It's a card that draws money from your checking account. Unlike a credit card, you don't get billed for it, it just uses mnoey you already have.