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  1. Okay, sorry to bump this thread but I'm wondering something... I tried putting benzoyl peroxide on my arm, and it was fine at first, but now the next day it's all red and peeling... Is bp safe to use on your arms?? I only tried it because this page said it was okay, but now it just feels like I'm sunburnt. Will it get used to it? Should I try a different percent (I think this one was 10% bp) HELP!!! I was embarrassed by people talking about the zits on my arms, but now everyone's going to be
  2. After years of dealing with acne, I finally bit the bullet and bought a concealer. I got Clean & Clear's concealer with salicylic acid. I've been using it the past few days, and am 100% sure that no one can tell that I'm using it. It hides anything that's red, makes the marks look a lot less severe than they actually are, and only adds like 1 minute to my morning routine. No one knows I use it, and it gives me a boat load more confidence and makes my face look a thousand times better. So my
  3. Try using the Basis cleansing bar. Probably won't irritate your skin like some shaving creams, and provides good lubrication for the blade.
  4. If you're not going to tell us what this "miracle acne medication" is, then don't make a thread in the first place. Sounds to me like, if you're not just leading people on, all you care about is making a buck off of it. So post what it is so we can try it and either like it or laugh at you. Otherwise, this thread is pointless.
  5. AHA is a chemical exfoliant. Basically gets rid of dead skin cells without irritation. Check this out: http://acneelimination.com/options/aha.html
  6. Shave correctly (with grain, not against), always using a fresh blade. Be careful of what shave gel/cream you use, some gilette gels actually don't lubricate enough and can cause ingrown hairs. Try the basis cleansing bar, really slick stuff. Follow up with salicylic acid, helps prevent them.
  7. Newsflash: When a product is discontinued, that means it isn't being produced anymore. That doesn't mean that the thousands of boxes of the product magically disappear never to be seen again. It takes time for all of the already produced stock to run out.
  8. I clean them exactly like that. I like to swish them around vigerously in a sink full of water to get the gunk off of them, and rinse the blades with my bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol. I let it set for a minute, then rinse the alcohol residue off before shaving.
  9. Derms are pretty clueless, IMHO. But, of course, it can't hurt to go to one - so might as well!
  10. Eucerin Skin Renewal is great stuff
  11. Yeah, give it at least 8 weeks at a bare minimum
  12. No way! Stay off of BP, SA, ANYTHING like that while on accutane. Really not wise to use harsh topicals while on it, it'll destroy your skin