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  1. sorry for the bad english Some stranger sings this song while looking at me, laughing and sometimes pointing at me
  2. Yesterday i was riding in the bus and there was a car driving beside then i noticed they suddenly they took out there SLR camera and stealing a shot of me then i raise my middle finger to show them i am pissed off. I promise if ever i see a stranger stole a shot of me ill grab there SLR camera and smash it to there face. After the poker face here we go again with a face song Just they way you are by BRuno Mars the song that stranger love to sing when they see me. If killing a person will n
  3. All of my cousins have an acne so our parents was the carrier. SO if ever i get married my kids will be the carrier and my grandkids will suffer what i suffered i dont want that to happen again never. I dont want my grandkids blaming me for what they have. sad but true adoption is the better choice in stopping the bad genes.
  4. Thanks guys for the kind comments. I know its an everyday struggle for me having a scar all over my face the only way i can move on is to stay strong
  5. YEsterday i was with three ladies in the elevator with my friend. When i entered the elevator they just laughed out loud. Ill quote what were they saying one of their friends just got out and i met her on her way out. 1. "Anna just texted me that an ugly person will ride into that operator" and obviously it was me who bout to enter the elevator. " 2. "I wonder how they take all the insult daily. IMagine you are being make fun of your face everyday and you cant do something. 3. "I dont wa
  6. youll get hire but prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to some assholes in work. Like what im experiencing right now its a daily struggle for me getting into work and being in work. Social anxiety is fucking up my brain completely and im always sweating like shit everytime i go out on public. im always paranoid of people talking behind my back.
  7. "Hey Honga you need to look at yourself in the mirror!" my friend posted that on my facebook wall of all the people who will say it was my friend and it was clearly not a joke. now my confidence is totally empty. I dunno if i want to see him or i still consider him as a friend
  8. fuck it enough is enough ill be doing something to stop this harassment that is being done to me by my neighbor they are actually high school kids there shouting outside our house about my acne almost everyday i cant take it anymore.. i'm still thinking for ideas maybe you guys can suggest one. i have something in my throwing a poop in to there window or door. here in our country verbal abuse doesn't really count as an offense or a big deal for police they will only laugh at you, they thi
  9. can i get a drug for anxiety even without consulting for a professional help
  10. me too my nose is really itchy, sweating like a faucet and i am gasping for air when i am anxious especially if im near with a group of punk kids
  11. nope i just reopened my gallery i have no digital camera and i just scanned that pic
  12. From the album: me as a scarred guy with my girl

    i dunno what she really saw in me but i really love her. if you have a scar like me please dont loss hope you can still get a girlfriend you just have to trust yourself i know there will be a right girl in evryone of us and forget the "i dont deserve what i want syndrome". We all hve the right to be happy whatever your condition is! Thanks!
  13. i dunno what she saw in me
  14. bangning her head in the mirror will be a great idea
  15. positively_negative

    nothing album

    anything goes