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  1. I think broken flower was talking about doing a board search. You will find tons of threads regarding ppl's use of CP serum from this board. Just hit the search button at the top of this screen and then click on more options...you can do a more detailed search that way. I have used copper peptides on and off for a few years now. Frankly they didn't do too much for me, but others have had positive results. I can say the Super Cop 2X cream irritated my scars and made them appear deeper for a long
  2. I use Sage's Smoothing Cream in the 20% strength. It comes in 12% and 20% in a cream or gel formulation. I have tried both and prefer the cream. It has never caused breakouts for me, other than the initial breakout that you will most likely get from adding an AHA to your regimen. Makeup Alley Reviews. Paula's Choice makes an AHA gel in 8% that is pretty good. Makeup Alley Review. Also a lot of people swear by the alpha hydrox line that is carried at your local druggist. I know I have seen a th
  3. I use MAC's matte cream and have never had any trouble with breakouts. It helps create a smoother surface and it is a staple of mine. Smashbox: broke me out, but it's a try and see thing. Cat Cosmetic's Silk Purrfection: broke me out, not terribly, but zits none the less. Clinique's Pore Perfector: works well, no trouble with breakouts. Laura Mercier: set my skin on fire. Peter Thomas Roth: works fairly well, no trouble with breakouts. Shiseido's matte veil: very thick and hard to spread.
  4. I have used BP for many years and it continues to be effective.
  5. This thread might be of some help.
  6. Susan, The threads below might give you start as far as info regarding the procedure. HTH. Oh, welcome to the boards! Denise: How are you??? Thread One Thread Two Thread Three Thread Four Thread Five Thread Six Thread Seven
  7. How about a pressed powder that contains spf? I use this one from Paula's Choice.
  8. Maybelline full and soft: Maybelline Illegal lengths: Lancome Definicils: You have to watch out for a bit of clumping with this one. MAC's pro lash is pretty good and PX has a decent one. Max Factor's 2000 calorie used to be a staple of mine. Clinique's are meh and Dior's was terrible as far as clumping/flaking were concerned. Good luck! HTH!
  9. Puredeming also sells a cream that contains idebenone. I haven't tried it....yet , but here is what their copy says about idebenone: Idebenone is thought to be the most revolutionary new topical antioxidant to date and has been found to effectively combat the signs of aging with the ability to protect cells and inhibit inflammation. Pure Vitamin Therapy Crème will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reduce skin roughness and dryness. Containing idebenone at 0
  10. I have never had good luck with Persagel, always seemed to irritate my acne as well. Oxy10 has worked best for me over the years as far as otc products go.
  11. Mineral Veil (bare minerals) broke me out.
  12. Hi Nancy! Who is going to do your grafts? How are you btw?
  13. No improvement at all. Had to stop after 2 sessions. Reactivated my acne and caused a major increase in oil. My skin just did not respond well to Smoothbeam. I know there are others on the board who were happy with their outcome. Maybe a board search will turn up some more info for you.
  14. You need to ask your doctor if he performed subcision. It sounds like he did something to break up the scar tissue, but only he can tell you that for sure. Take the advice of those in the thread who have had this done and give yourself some time to heal. If you are really worried give your doctor a call on Monday.
  15. You can get Bobbi's prodcuts online Here. or do a search for a local counter. Nords and Parisian carry her line in my neck of the woods (GA).
  16. I agree. I tried one a few years ago and found it too rough for my skin. Just go very lightly on the scrubbing and use a soothing cream afterwards.
  17. You need to go the emergency room or your doctor as soon as possible.
  18. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=86450 Here is the link to your question from this morning. I answered and posted links to three topics that cover how to use Px line filler in detail. Hope this helps. *Misty
  19. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=85676 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...e+line+smoother http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...wtopic=7715&hl=
  20. You know the tone you are taking is great. The first four dermabrasions were covered by my parents insurance. I had them during my Christmas breaks ('90,'91,'92 & '93) as well as the grafting. The spot dermabrasion ('95) came out of my pocket and I took a week off of work to heal. The CO2 laser in '97 took the longest to heal. I was red for months, but redness does not keep someone from working. That was also an out of pocket expense. The rest of my procedures have been done whenever I fo
  21. I have actually had 5 full face dermabrasions, 1 CO2 laser, 25 punch floats, 2 or 3 punch grafts (it's been so long I don't remember), 2 sessions of Smoothbeam, one spot TCA crossed, multiple microdermabrasions and one "spot" dermabrasion treatment (where only a few portions of the face were treated). Thank you for the compliment though...if only I didn't have to live with myself..lol. I'm working on that though!