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  1. 1. i read that you used neosporin and zinc oxide after the steri-strips fell off? did dr y reccommend that?

    2. did your punch floats also itch and did they bleed? it has been 2 days after the procedure and my face is very itchy at the moment, and it is still swollen.

    3. what did you use to clean your face? I was told by dr y to use a mild soap, but not to rub my face. just let mixture of soap and water run down my face and rinse. then pat dry with towel. everytime i do this, there are traces of blood left on the towel. the dried blood on the steristrips would be lessened but after a while, they will be back.

    i called dr y's clinic and was told that it is normal to have a little bit of bleeding. would like to add also that he lost one of the punch grafts so he had to stitch close one of the scars. dr y asked me to have somebody remove the stitch after a week.

    1. No Dr. Y did not recommend the zinc oxide or the neosporin. I used those at my own discretion. When I had punch grafting done many years ago that was the method I used. I also followed this protocol after my first set of punch floats with Dr.Y and I healed very well. Zinc and neosporin are good to use to facilitate healing, at least in my case.

    2. My floats did itch during the healing phase, that is very normal. I did not notice any post-op bleeding with my first set of floats, however, I did have 2 floats that slightly oozed a tiny bit of blood for about 6 hours after my second set of floats. I imagine the swelling is due to the high number of floats that you had done.

    3. I did not get the steri-strips wet at all during my healing phase. I took a cotton pad, wet it and gently cleaned the exposed areas of skin. If I felt I was getting too oily, I would take a bit of witch hazel on the pad and wipe my exposed skin. I did not touch my strips until they began sliding off of my face.

    I hope this helps!

  2. 1. CO2 laser did absolutely NOTHING for my existing scars, left me red for months, enlarged my pores and left me with additional rolling scars on my cheeks.

    2. Have you done a board search for TCA Cross? There are several in-depth threads detailing the procedure. It is a method that a lot of people found great success. Personally it did not work well for me, so I always recommend a spot treatment to see how you are going to react.

    3. Have you thought about subcision followed by a filler or the possibility of grafts or floats?

  3. I do, I love the way it makes my skin look and feel the following day. I have been using it on and off for a long time and while it will not change a scar, it does make my skin look plumper and more even toned. Below is the version I use. You can check out their webpage Here.

    Ingredients in the Intense Gel R-ALA

    Is packed with Natural Vitamin E Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba, Deionized Water, Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA), DMAE, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, Green Tea Extract, Cranberry Extract, Helichrysum, Farnesol, Pure Essential & Fragrance Oils, Optiphen Plus [a paraben-free preservative].

  4. He just had the procedure done, the pics with the steri-strips are the current ones.

    Good luck w/ your healing and with your dermabrasion.

    So how long will you actually wait between the floats and the dermabrasion? I read in the other thread that you were going to be in the sun a lot in the coming months so you were going to wait.

  5. Hi

    How long did your strips stay on? Dr Y told me to gently pull them off on day 7. A couple came off earlier in sleep. I wish I had thought of pillows. I'm guessing that I lost the graft on those that did not work for me.

    PS: You look great!


    My strips really started sliding around on about day 5 or 6. If the area looked really tender/raw I took a pair of tweezers and gently laid the strip back over the float, just to help protect the area. At that point the raised area had already adhered to the skin, I just wanted to give it a bit more protection until I was happy that it had fully healed. I would also put a dab of neosporin on the area before putting the strip back on, I used a Q-tip to place just the smallest bit. By placing such a tiny amount the strip seemed to stay on a bit better. Oh if the steri-strip was too greasy I would take an alcohol pad (you can get a box from the pharmacy) and I would wipe down the strip before placing it on my face. This method worked well for me during the healing stage.

    I slept on my back for almost 2 1/2 weeks after the procedure, just to make sure I didn't do anything to dislodge the floats. My husband loved the heap of pillows that I dragged to the bed each night..lol.


    P.S. Thanks!

    Ok - I'm making an appt. tomorrow & I'll keep you guys posted. I'll also ask Dr. Y to take pics so I can post like Misty. :)

    Good Luck and Keep Us Posted!!

  6. I had punch floats with Dr. Y in January and they did not "take" - there are really only 2 that bother me - do you think I should try it once more? It seems the easiest way to rid myself of the ice picks and you responded so well. I'm so confused why they didn't work? Maybe I did something wrong with the healing process? What did you do to heal so well?

    Thank you for the kind words, you are too sweet! :wub:

    I know Woodson had one area floated more than once until she was happy with the results. It really is a unknown area when it comes to skin response. Did all of your areas turn out bad or no change? What was your post-op care like?

    1. I followed the diet/supplement guidelines posted at the top of the scar forum..it is the one Rossi posted that he got from Maya. I followed that pretty close to the letter to try and make sure my healing was working for me from the inside out.

    2. I put a barrier of pillows around me at night to make sure that I didn't roll over onto one of my cheeks. I truly believe that every one of the punches could fall out if one had a fitful night's sleep!

    3. I did not touch the steri-strips at all until they were sliding off of my face.

    4. Once the strips came off, for about 48 hours I kept neosporin on the areas.

    5. After the neosporin I applied zinc oxide to aid in the healing.

    6. I waited probably 10 or so days before I applied any makeup. During this time I washed my face very gently and applied the zinc oxide at night.



    Thank you. :)

  7. Hi guys,

    Finally back with an update, RL has been pretty busy lately and I got lazy with the updates...sorry about that! The floats have healed nicely, pretty much like the first round. When I wear makeup they are not noticeable at all, still a bit of redness though. I started using Retin-A micro about 2 weeks ago, so that caused a bit of irritation. Bear in mind when you have these, the scars are improved (in most cases), but that does not mean they are perfect! Like before, some are totally level with the skin, some just below. I am happy at the moment and am not planning any resurfacing procedures in the near future. I want to see how everything responds to the Retin-A. I do have a few breakouts from the purge effect caused by the Retin-A, so please ignore the zits and/or red marks. ;)

    Oh my face is flushed due to running, snapped them right after I finished.

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

  8. Hormonal acne generally shows up on the chin and jaw.

    Do you have this all the time, or does it come and go with your cycle?

    Comes around for me like clockwork. Seems to be improving a bit now that I have started using Retin-A micro. I'm planning on getting some of the mandelic acid LQ recommends and dropping my current AHA. We'll see how it goes!

  9. How awesome that you actually got to meet her!

    I second that, her books have helped me avoid some major cosmetic mistakes and I have been pleased with most of her products.

    Labgirl, other than the minimal scarring how does her skin look?

  10. I also am having an IB with retin-a micro .01%. The zits are different from what I usually get every month. I don't have horrible breakouts anymore, so I def. know the med was causing this one. They seem more red and inflamed, but they seem to go away pretty quickly. I don't have a face full, probably 4 or 5. I have noticed if I spot treat with r-a micro the zit comes to a head much quicker. I'm interested in how the results will go in the weeks to come. I use benzaclin on alternate nights.

  11. One of the biggest reasons that a lot of ppl on this board should be protected while in the sun is due to the sensitizing nature of the medications they may be using...retin-a, etc. Beyond that having some protection will help prevent premature aging, reduce the risk of skin cancer, etc. That does not mean hibernate in your cave until after dark, just be sensible about sun exposure. I believe that getting sun exposure is important for your health, just don't burn to a crisp like I did back in the day.

    All that aside..unprotected sun exposure now causes me to break out. I mean if I am in the sun for 15 mins with no sunscreen I will have broken out by the next day. This never happened until I had all of my surgeries. Any ideas why??IPB Image