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  1. Has anyone tried Laura Mercier's new mineral foundation? I really like some of her products and was interested in trying it...
  2. Over only the last few days Ive noticed that I have these under eye wrinkles...this is really a new developement, not something I just notcied...i was wondering if this is possibly caused by make up settling in the crease under my eyes....is it possible that this will be permanent? Im not sure what to do...if I should stop using my Laura Mercier concealer...
  3. Hmm..microlaserpeel...less down time, not as serious as laser resurfacing, anyone gotten this done? good/bad results?
  4. I'm coming to the end of my third month on orthotricyclen...not to scare you, but it did badly break my face out for a while in cysts...that really sucked...it is calming down now..but i am still breaking out, not really in cysts anymore, but little blemishes here and there...it helps to use a good topical, i use benzaclin...although benzaclin is very drying. Goodluck.
  5. thanks for responding:)...can anyone give me any more advice? It's nice to get all kinds of opinions sometimes..
  6. be careful...it can be pretty hard on the stomach...
  7. I started benzaclin about three days ago...maybe the first day i didn't moisterize like i should..but i have severe dry skin now..it's very red...almost orangy..i can't put make up on it...it looks horrible..very flaky...i guess it could be crusting...it is a little itchy and what not...but what i dont get is, i've used 8.5 BP cleanser..and i've used clindamycin....i've also used on the spot bp before...i wonder if i'm just severly irritated...what should i do? it has cleared me up aside from th
  8. i've been taking ortho for almost 2 months now...and honestly i have had no bad side effects besides the intitial break out which will hopefully clear in the next 2 months...but seriously...my cramps have diminished, i haven't gained or lost weight, i feel pretty awesome on it...honestly way better than i did before i started taking it....i think it's just different for everyone...only bad thing is i never really had cystic acne before i took it...just one maybe every few months at the time of t
  9. i like covergirl continuous wear...i always end up coming back to that one...they have some really light shades...and it looks pretty natural...i use classic ivory..
  10. i have deathly pale skin...and i've had the same problem...i actually use covergirl continuous wear...believe it or not, they have some very light shades....i use classic ivory cuz i have a little more yellow in my complexion....but they also have normal ivory as well...check it out...