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    Becoming acne and scar free and then having as much fun as possible!<br><br>Psychology major<br>3.97 GPA<br>Taking GRE soon<br>Hoping to go to Duke in May, fingers crossed.
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  2. Thorn, Love ur pix! Very interesting, artistic, and cool. And I can relate to all of them. Also, I think water is great, but I seem to get bloated rather quickly. So, I have been drinking smaller amounts all day long lately. Liz Lee
  3. Hi Janus, I was wondering if you realize that Dr. Y is in New Orleans. New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a very interesting and fun place, and I am considering going to grad school there. Just wondering, because New York is nowhere near New Orleans and I personally had way more fun in New Orleans, Louisiana than I've ever had in New York. Cheers Liz Lee
  4. Hi Shade, I am sorry to hear that you are not too happy with your results thus far. I am also interested in what you mean by orange peel texture. Please forgive me for the questions, but I am curious. I am at @ 5 months post op. I believe you had your dermabrasion a week or two after me, Drewboy, and Portlandboy. Both Drewboy and Portlandboy looked great to me in person in all honesty. My skin is still quite pink, so I am not ready to give an estimate of anything yet, I want to give it more
  5. Thank you all for your help. Ann a bell, first of all, good luck with your healing! I am very fair actually, and my skin is sensitive. My face looks like it is irritated in a way. I wash my face with dove soap regular and I am using bp with a light glycolic acid now to keep my skin clear, this may be the cause of the redness, but I don't want a massive breakout. How are you keeping your skin clear? I had one pimple since the dermabrasion so far on my cheek, and it wasn't even big, but l
  6. Dear Everybody (Portlandboy, Drewboy,Kiki, Animegirle, Falnart, and anybody), I hope everyone is doing great. I haven't been updating much because I am not quite sure how I will turn out in the end. I do have trouble with make up and my face is still red. It looks puffy and irritated. Has this, or is it this way with you? I had my dermabrasion on Dec 13th, so hopefully this is somewhat normal. Thank you so much, back to classes! Liz Lee
  7. Hi Drewboy, You look great! You looked cute before if you don't mind me saying so, and you look even better now. I had my dermabrasion the day before you, and I am still very pink, much pinker than you, and somewhat lumpy. I have some pix, but I can't post them, I think because they are too big. I have a Kodak easyshare camera, if anyone knows how to make the pix smaller that would be cool. I am so happy for you!
  8. Happy New Year! I am going to try and concentrate more and bring out my positive qualities, both physical and inside. I am also going to try and accept that I'll never be anywhere near perfect. And maybe someday someone will find me in some way attractive and love me, even with all of my imperfections. Peace, love, and happiness to everybody this year Love, Liz Lee
  9. Portlandboy, Happy to hear things are going so well for you Shade, Make sure you eat lots of protein and vitamin C, I think it will give you the best results. My scars that were punched look really good, so hopefully you will come out exceptionally great Drewboy, Yes, my cheeks are very pink, but it kind of looks like I funked up putting on my blush. It will likely be months before the pink goes away, so maybe try a tinted moisturizer or a sheer makeup with a green tint. Green hides pi