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  1. I know plenty of people like milk, and it's in nearly everything! I liked it so much that no matter what I was eating I drank milk with it! So I'd say I drank about 4 LARGE glasses a day( Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes dessert). But my skin was absolutely aweful, nothing cleared it up! Then I came to the realization that no matter how when I broke out the one thing that was always is in the backround was milk, ALL the time. So I just stopped drinking, and eating chees and butter, 'cause
  2. If raisins really did help you clear up your skin, that almost sounds hilarious, but you find out weird things like that all the time! My sister loves raisins and it seems like she eats them whenever we have em', but once in a while she'll still get a bad zit(She's got really nice skin only gets zits once in a while). Admittedly she doesn't eat a box everyday, but if that's the key, do you think it would work for everyone?