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  1. i like that jergens glow lotion for the face. it never broke me out all the times i have used it and it creates a nice subtle tan. if you want to get darker you just buy the next shade up. Ya i looked into it but it had a few ingredients that werent good for the face i may just check it out see how it goes thanx :)
  2. Hey guys i have done alot of research but every self tanner i see for the face has at least one pore clogging ingredient this wont do. So im looking for a self tanner for my face that wont break me out any suggestions??
  3. using products with sunscreen in them cause the white face in photos im getting married in may and this is a huge thing obviously because im having tons of pictures so no spf is a giant tip from artists
  4. Just wanted to say i have been using this stuff for about two weeks and have seen amazing results i have had acne for 14 years im 29 now and after using litterally everything on the market from over the counter to prescription i was thinking accutane. I was using clinique which i later read about and the stuff in it was probably causing me more harm than good. I decided to try going more natural (no colours or fragrance etc) switched to dans face wash and lotion my face started to clear. I than
  5. I might just alternate i have never used bha or retinols before just the aha so this is completely new to me thanx :)
  6. Just received my samples of green cream and paulas choice bha how would you recommend i use these? I use dans face wash and moisturizer currently is it ok to use them together or is it too much
  7. i started this with just jojoba oil and it really did start to clear out my pores i just rubbed it on than steamed with the cloth and wiped it off than moisturised and everything was great. Now a week later my skin is so broken out like open wounds all over my chin and lip i was only doing it once a day but i think thats too much now my face feels super dry and gross. Im going to do this maybe once a week after my face clears and see how it goes.
  8. I used it for 3 months on 75 a day and it did nothing but break me out even worse
  9. I broke out so bad on this stuff but stuck it out for 3 months i was on 25 three times a day so 75 a day and it did nothing for me so i gave up.
  10. didnt realise this post was old nm
  11. I just started using clinique even better foundation its suppose to help your complexion in 3-4 weeks believe it is. I like it not to heavy coverage i switched to foundation when i got pregnant last jan because my hormones were makin me break out like mad. Before that i used dermalogica tinted moisturiser with maybeline mineral veil overtop to set it. No matter what you use always make sure its non comedogenic thats key!
  12. I am gonna say stick it out for a bit longer i used this regimen years ago before Dan even had his own products and it was all over counter stuff. It worked so well i stopped using it now im going back on it after having my baby my hormones are making me break out like mad. Just have some patience it will work out for you
  13. Proactive is great for about 3 months than it stops working for most including myself. I highly doubt the "new" proactive will be better but thats just my opinion
  14. Hey guys been a while my skin has been alot better since changing to dermalogica products. I am still baffled by the fact that when i do have my monthly horrible breakout my forehead always stays clear. Im completely amazed that no matter how bad my acne was or is i never have forehead breakout any ideas on this and how the heck i could make the rest of my face this way haha
  15. I would kill to have scarring like that as apposed to the red ones i have