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  1. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I don't see ANYTHING wrong with your skin with the exception that you CAN see pores. There is nothing you can do about pores (from a doctor standpoint or home remedies/solutions) and you don't have any scarring. Any procedures you engage in will only run the risk of making your skin become more damaged or iritated by undergoing a treatment (whether acid, laser, or prescription). Go into the scar gallery and look what other members have in terms of scarring and you will realize N
  2. You shouldn't look at the differences between how men and women view scarring; but how "good-looking" people vs "less good-looking" people view acne/scarring. I bet the discrepancy in the latter is more significant than the former. In the case of how all men view scarring, there will be a wide array of opinions, attitudes and tolerances. Conversely, if you group all the "good-looking" peoples' attitudes towards scarring negating gender, I bet there will be a much more uniform opinion on the matt
  3. Hey, Realize that its been 3 days since the procedure and you need to give your skin time to heal. I doubt you will have any permanent damage from this at all; bruises heal and restylane isn't permanent (6 mos. MAX), and you could even get cortisone shots which would dissipate the restylane. You need to give the process some time to work itself out. As far as the bruising goes however, I have had restylane and sculptra injected, and I had minimal bruising from the procedure. It sounds like yo
  4. LawBoy


    I didn't watch him inject the stuff, nor could I decipher the depth in which he injected into the skin. He didn't seem to go at an angle, but did try to inject all of them. He, along with the "sculptra representative" present, both mentioned the need for a more superficial injections comparatively to injections for the purpose of wrinkles / volume (HIV patients). Also, as I mentioned previously, he did not inject a great deal of Sculpra, only using half a vial, in comparison with floridaguy who
  5. LawBoy


    hey LawBoy it is your mistake-- Greenway politely made a great point about possible swelling. so, what's with the "because you were there and you know more than me" crap? lol. that sounds like a fussing retarded 3rd grader comment. no seriously, it does... so anyway my little friend (that sounds a little better), i personally have never read anything on sculptra working in the short amount of time that you're giving it. i just think you at least have to entertain the thought that it is/was swel
  6. LawBoy


    You need to find out about your injector, and make sure they are VERY skilled at this procedure. It is a very difficult filler to inject, and many doctors simply don't know exactly what their doing. My doc has been using this for 4 years, and even teaches how to inject the stuff regularly. When he was doing my injections, there was a another doctor there watching him do it b/c he was about to incorporate it into his own practice. The skill of the injector is of paramount importance in this proc
  7. LawBoy


    B/c you were there and had the procedure so you probably know more about Sculptra than me...my mistake. I'll consult your expertise the next time I want post. Someone has to keep everyone in check, and I'm glad I have a "friend" here to do it!
  8. Maybe look into Levulan with either V-Beam (preferrably) or IPL. I've had this done a few times, and in addtion to helping with breakouts and redness, it really does seem to help with the appearance of pores. This is like every other treatment in that, it isn't a miracle cure, but I really felt it helped with the appearance of my pores. The treatment helps with the oiliness of the face which can help the appearance of pores, and also the treatment can give you a real nice peel, which also helps
  9. LawBoy


    I am in Houston and had it done by Dr. Teller of Bellaire Dermatology. The procedure cost me $400, but I still may need further injections. Good luck. Ryan
  10. I had sculptra inject about 10 days ago, and unlike many people, I had very little to no swelling. Before I got the injection, I had read that the swelling can be substantial but this was never a problem. I had the treatment done the thursday before last. I am now starting to see a definite softening of my scars, and although its always hard to put a percentage on something so subjective, I would say I have seen a 30-40% improvement overall. The doctor I had do it seemed to be very skilled, and
  11. For those interested in the PSR3 procedure (I am a bit too), go to the mededge website: http://www.mededge-inc.com/psr.htm . This website tells you all about the procedure, has a couple pictures of results, and has a compilation of studies done on the procedure. Anyone interested in this procedure really should read some of this stuff. After alll, its your money and face were talking about. However, this site will be extremely biased as it's the company's website for the laser. But they do have
  12. I did 5 sessions of fraxel (4 @ lvl. 14 & 1 @ lvl. 18) the past 4-5 months. I had each session spaced approximately 4 weeks apart. I would say I got 25% improvement in general from rolling type scars, however, no improvement in icepick scars or pore size and MAYBE an improvement in general skin tone, but nothing to get overly excited about. They only did my cheeks and chin b/c thats the only place I needed it. My scars are not severe and probably borderline between light-moderate. It cost
  13. If I were you, I would look into Levulan w/Photolight or V-Beam (don't do the blue light). The procedure is known as PDT (photo dynamic therapy) and it REALLY works. I have done it several times b/c it stops my breakouts SUBSTANTIALLY every time I do it. I thought it even worked better than accutane. The great thing about the procedure is, that it not only stops breakouts, but the laser clears up redness from past breakouts. It really is a great procedure, and can't recommend it enough. Good luc
  14. I am going to start sculptra injections on the 2nd of February, so I am very interested to know how you guys progress. Please keep us updated, and I will do the same. I, like Floridaguy, also had fraxel and now want more improvement. Good luck with the sculptra. Ryan
  15. I haven't done sculptra, but I am about to take the plunge and do it. I will be completing my fifth fraxel appointment this thursday and the following week I will start Sculptra treatments. The fraxel has provided improvement but I want more. When I do it, Ill update my progress and tell you how it goes. Good luck and do the same if you do it. Ryan