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  1. i know that reducing or cutting away dairy has helped a lot of people. So I have done so. My question is that I have started taking why protein for working out. Is why considered dairy? And could this break me out? I have been taking it for 2 weeks and my face hasnt broken out...but is it dairy? Aaron
  2. ah it better not be true...or I'm gona freak out!!!
  3. just wondering how you know if you need one or not? Cause when I dont apply one it feels much better...
  4. ummmm I kinda dont mind a cold shower....so maybe I will do both....
  5. can I do the wash part in the shower? Does this make a difference? and if yes hot or cold water?
  6. also, if I only have red marks left over....would smoothbeam help this? or this only for pitted scars?
  7. thanks guys...i just hope that now that I am more concious of my skin it will be better in the long run... trazorc is what exactly? I have very sensitive skin will this be a problem?
  8. I've been using minocycline for about a month and a bit...for the most part my skin is clear but what I am left with is red marks where the acne was left over... now I have used bp and proactiv and just about everything on the market....and when I do my face always gets way worse...I should also note that I have never had acne as a kid but now (almost 21) i had a major breakout...but what I have determinded is that my skin is very sensitive...I use cetaphil as a cleanser once in the morning a
  9. yeah...I've been on it for about a month or so....seen fairly good improvements....but like you say...I have red marks left behind....but I remember reading something about the med can actually prolong the red marks...anyone know or hear of this??
  10. Has anyone tried or used this med? My doctor prescribed it to me, been using it for a few weeks, seen mild improvements? Is this stuff any good or bad?? thanks
  11. yeah I am also using this cleanser....I have a question as well, I apply it during my showering routine, anything wrong with this? and hot or cold water???
  12. there is some major marret to this experiement...i have always said that closer to nature the better...meaning less man made products....let mother nature heal you!!
  13. hey thanks for the information.....has anyone tried this yet? Any good results...I am trying to resolve this acne thing as naturaly as possible....less abrassive I think the better...any thoughts? Aaron