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  1. I have these milia things all over my chin and above my lip. And I think it is no coincidence that these are the only areas that I get acne. Could the milia be turning into active whiteheads? I have been applying dan's BP to this area for 5 weeks and I think I have seen a big improvement in the non milia parts but the parts where I have milia continue to break out. Any suggestions?
  2. tiramisu, thanks for the reply. I am hoping to not have to use blotting pads through out the day, because I am hoping to solve the problem altogether but if it comes to that thanks for the suggestion. Anyways the shininess is the worse than sometimes getting an oily nose. I read on here that the moisterizer Complex 15 doesn't make your face shiny so I am going to give that a try. My skin sucks. Its all shiny and it gets oily yet I still get the milia bumps around my mouth which I thought wa
  3. Has anyone else noticed their skin becoming excessively shiny and oily on the regimen? I have been on it for a month (I moisterize with the recommended Eucerin one) and now my whole face is almost permanently shiny. My nose gets pretty oily sometimes as does my forehead. The oiliness started after I started using Proactiv so I am not sure if it was the BP or if oiliness was just the direction my skin was headed in. But my chin and cheeks are never oily so I can't really understand why they loo
  4. Dan, I finally ordered your bp gel after a month or two of debating. For the past month or two I have just been washing my face with water and basically my whole face has been clear except for my chin. Now, I was on Proactiv for 3 months before this 2 month span of just washing with water and I think my chin was pretty clear then, my temples and my forehead were the bad areas. I don't want to mess with the rest of my face because I figure if it is clear without doing anything thats great. So d
  5. baseballman, Yeah, I did read your thread but I wasn't sure if I wanted to put the AHA on my face. Anyway, I just got it today and I put on a decent amount and I didn't experience any stinging or anything like that. I know that you are suppose to put it on after washing your face but if I am also going to put moisterizer on, should I do the moisterizer or the AHA first? Thanks
  6. Alright, so about a few weeks ago I quit using Proactiv and just started washing with tap water. Overall, it has been really successful. I rarely get any zits on my forehead and temples which use to be my worst area and my cheeks are usually clear also. However, my chin is continuing to form new zits, more than I had when I was using Proactiv. I was reading a topic about milia and I am pretty sure that I have that on my chin. My chin was always the driest area of my face, but I moisturize real
  7. thanks for the reply. I actually had my first derm appointment a month ago. He gave me a perscription for duac gel and some other cream but a few days later I decided I wanted to stop putting chemicals on my face so I never even filled the perscription. I am suppose to have a follow up appointment in a month so maybe I should just tell him I used the creams and they didn't work for me so then he will give me an antibiotic or accutane? But if I have mild to moderate acne, am I less likely to hav
  8. come on I know someone can add something insightful from their own personal experience or from what they know.
  9. Hi, I have only had acne for a year or two and I would describe it as mild to moderate, most of my acne is around my chin. I have tried Proactiv but of course that didn't do much and now I don't really want to keep putting creams on my face. I realize that I might grow out of my acne for the most part in a year or two but at the same time, I don't want to have to live with acne throughout college and who knows I might get adult acne. These last 3 months have been the most depressing of my lif