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  1. I'm an Arbonne consultant. if you want to email me I can help you get the products you need. email me @ [email protected]
  2. I'm almost clear and I still drink about 3 cups of coffee a day. I tried giving it but I love it way too much.
  3. I tried coconut oil when cooking and I thought it tasted terrible.
  4. Snippy

    Week 6

    Awww thanks guys. I'm flattered. What I truly felt made a difference is the borage/flax seed capsules that I take daily. That's when I started to see the true difference. I have red spots I'm working on getting rid of now.
  5. Snippy


    Pics of me
  6. Snippy

    First Week

    From the album: Rebecca

  7. I take it and everytime I've noticed that it makes my back break out. I'll stop taking it and my back clears up. very strange.
  8. It's working really really well. I'm shocked at my improvements. I still have red marks but I see they are clearing and I have no new breakouts. Anyone know any good ways to get rid of the red marks?
  9. Have it* with borage oil too. Sorry, I needed to correct myself.
  10. Yup it worked for me! I have is with Borage Oil also.
  11. I started taking borage and flax seed oil. Looks like I found my cure!
  12. Snippy

    Beccas Log

    Awwww it wont lt let me. I've taken up too much space it says
  13. Wow! My face totally broke out lthis weekend and ast week and I used MK blush that I hadn't used in a long long time. I wonder if there's a connection?
  14. Snippy

    Beccas Log

    cause I hate how I look without makeup and on camera. So no pics of my whole face...sorry
  15. Well, I'm definitley going to give it a try. I had a huge breakout this weekend and it's driving me crazy. I already order a brand of flaxseed and borage seed from Pure Encapsulations. I'll keep you posted.
  16. I work for a Naturopath and I have availability to lots of supplements. Can anyone help me on which Flax seed product I should get? Should I get capsules or oil? How many mg's should I take?
  17. Carrots actually have a lot of sugar in them. http://www.wholehealthmd.com/refshelf/food...1523,14,00.html
  18. Snippy

    Beccas Log

    Well it got worse this week. I had a lot more breakouts than usual. Very disappointing.
  19. I'm a picker. Especially if it's screaming at me. I know I shouldn't but who wants to look at something thats about to burst. I'd rather see red.