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  1. I switched to Pond's Dry Skin Cream after having no option but to use it in an emergency one day when my regular Johnson's Clean & Clear moisturiser ran out. I applied it with dread, since the jar said 'deep hydration' and I thought 'Oh no, this is gonna make me look like a greasy frying pan'. I was surprised to find it wasn't that greasy at all, and absorbed quite nicely, much better I have to say than the Johnson's product which would kind of just sit on the surface in a film. It really so
  2. I use Johnson's Baby Soap (which also contains baby lotion) once a day, normally before I go to bed. I don't use more than that cos it does really dry out my face, and feels like its cracking. But so far out of all the products I've used its the most effective at removing dead skin cells and doesn't break me out. And by the time I wake up, my skin 'normalises' or moisturises itself (as I have oily/combination skin) so I just rinse with water in morning, and i'm fine until about early afternoon,
  3. Yeah, I'm using Johnson's Baby top-to-toe wash at the moment too after getting fed up with Oxy facewash which seemed to be just too harsh and really tighten up my skin. Even though its not a specific facewash, I figured if its gentle enough for babies it should be OK for the skin on my face. Plus aftert visiting a few american shopping sites, I compared both 'Purpose' face wash with the top-to-toe baby wash, and the ingredients are (almost) identical. It says its PH balanced, but stops there w
  4. Yeah, after i pop a pustule that has come to a head and is 'ready' i notice clear-slightly-yellow liqiuid oozing from the site. I blot a few times periodically say every 30 seconds, then after about 3-4 blots, I keep a clean tissue pressed lightly against the popped zit... i find this sorta 'solidfies' the any further ooze and plugs up the 'flat' zit site.... hope this helps....!
  5. Hello everyone... Yeah.. saskiadarvey... I work full time in a customer facing role and am constantly in contact with people... more or less everyday I have some sort of pustule or large inflamed spot /spots on my face and it gets very embarassing sometimes 'cos people tend to make 'spot-contact' rather than maintain eye-contact... lol.. anyways... I usually check myself in the gent's mirror regularly and if i notice a pustule thats come to a head I'd get some loo roll, cover my nail with it,
  6. I've been taking minocycline for two months now. I noticed immediate improvement in the first 2 weeks, but then I got a big outbreak in the 3rd, 4th and 5th week. But its died down again, and my spots seem to be more under control. But overall, I reckon its a good medicine for anyone with acne, but you need to stick with it at least 6 months to benefit from it. Good thing I did, but the breakout in the 3rd week was very difficult to get through as it makes you wonder whether the minocycline is
  7. Yeah, baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda) is suitable for use as a neutraliser, even recommended since it costs a couple of pence down your local supermarket. I recently did a 30% glycolic acid peel, which I bought from lookgr8.com, and they recommended using baking soda to neutralise the glycolic acid. Neutralisation stage is EXTREMELY important when performing acid peels as this stage makes sure the acid stops working when you want it to. Glycolic acid is on the low end of the PH
  8. Hi people... I use Oxy on the Spot... and it works just as well as the PanOxyl one my doc pescribed to me... but it sort of abosrbs better as its cream and not gel so thats why I like it more.
  9. Hi ppl... I'm what u'd term a 'newbie' but thought i'd add my contribution to the discussion. Yeah, I would agree and say that the way one applies BP does affect its effectiveness. I remember when I first was given BP 2.5% by the doc, and I sorta tried it by 'spot' treating individual spots by squirting pea-sized or so quanitity on my first finger (the one closest to the thumb) (is it the index? I dunno... anyways...) and applying it quite hard and massaging it into the spots. The first few tim