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  1. i realize that humans have long been opportunistic eaters. that's not to say we can't make better decisions based on what we know, especially when it comes from your own experience and reaction to a food. i am not suggesting that paleo diets were all primarily carniverous. i am merely making a suggestion of a variation on the paleo diet to the original poster which, from my experience, would be good for acne, specifically. maybe if the first segment of my life were not spent being destroyed
  2. been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it to anyone myself
  3. not really going to get into much description of why eating seeds may not be proper for human digestion because other sources of information would do much better than i at explaining this. but i am not a proponent of grains, beans, or nuts. all of which are seeds that i wouldn't touch with a stick anymore based on my own experience with them and the feedback of many others as confirmation. there is plenty of discussion and debate about paleo diets already on the forum and i dont mean to turn
  4. Just FYI, if you are interested in the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse Kit (the big comprehensive one), I am moving and looking to sell mine at a discount, which is still unopened as I never got around to using it and will not be able to anytime soon so it is just collecting dust! Blessed Herbs are very helpful on the phone, go ahead and call them.
  5. imho, drop the bread, beans, soymilk, and fruit (sugar). eat more grass-fed protein, animal fat, sardines, and greens. using nothing but water to wash with was a good move for me too.
  6. I started the Now brand borage oil today after a recent chin breakout. I was 97% clear before this breakout which was due to introducing a bunch of new foods in the same week...supposedly healthy whole organic paleo foods, including cod liver oil, but nonetheless, I brokeout. Anyone have any updates on how they are doing with the GLA supplementation? Anyone combine paleo with GLA?
  7. i can tell you for a fact that all fruit was major cause of my breakouts.