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  1. Yeah it looks the same as it did yesterday. Nothing has changed. I am beginning to think that it is an ingrown hair because the greyish dot has a blackish dot directly in the middle. I DO NOT have several blisters or crusty sores. Nothing is scabbed over. Ive had this for about 4 days now I think. 3-4 is my guess. o On friday it was starting to bother me and yesturday is when the redness was at its most. Today the redness is the same. But as far as many blisters that are crusty, I do not hav
  2. the thing is it makes me feel like i can never kiss a girl again if i knew that i got one. i'd feel very upset that i transmitted it to her because they are transmitted even if you show no symptoms. i just dont know who to go to to get a proper diagnosis on this. it could be a pimple or an ingrown hair because i went very far above my top lip the last time i shaved so i could have irritated it. i also lick my lips alot
  3. Yeah I think I recall having one of these before and posting up on here actually. But it was years ago. I am stressing myself out so much lately. School, work and money etc. I just hope that this isnt a cold sore because that would mean herpes and the thought of that puts my mind and body into a shock phase. In which ive been in for the past few days. Im so scared because this one hasnt risen up with a whitehead so im thinking oh my god is this herpes? What should I look for if it were a col
  4. Hello everyone, Well my anxiety is raging through the roof as we speak. About 3 days ago I started developing a red spot on my upper lip. I work in a very hot enviroment outside where i pour sweat all day long all over my face. I used to have very bad acne but accutane and proactiv cleared that up really well. After i started working outdoors and pouring sweat all week, my face started to break out again. Well three days ago like i said this red little dot appeared. I figured it would turn into
  5. alright, and just do that at night when i get home? by the way, the 2 whiteheads, (now gone and popped) bother me a little. just minor itching. its the one on my lower lip on the left in the picture. it doesnt look like anything but can pimples and whiteheads itch here and there?
  6. yeah, im not really in the sun much though, mainly in an inclosed shop... the ones that i get under my bottom lip start irratating me afterawhile because i keep messing with it with my tongue on the backside of the skin.... ahhhhhh. so any suggestions?
  7. Hey everyone, Heres my story. I suffered with horrible acne for years in high school and this past year I did 4 months of accutane which just about cleared up every pimple that I had. After that I did proactiv and for the first time in a long time I was clear and looking good. I'd get pimples here and there but nothing like im experiencing now. I just started a new automotive mechanic job that requires me to be outside in 95* + heat for 5 hours... I'll be going into my third week here this u
  8. i have alot of redmarks, as anyone would after having so many pustules. right now i have two small pustules near my nose and one big one near my cheek. you cant hit those easily when kissing..... for the most part they are all just red marks with a couple of pustules still but they are about to go away by me taking care of them.
  9. Hey, Well I am getting over Folliculitus, I had it horrible around my mouth. This weekend I am going to see my girlfriend and I was wondering if this is contagious? I have only the red marks left and ive had this for almost a month now. For about two weeks ive been taking doxycyline twice daily to kill the infection and im using BP cream and clindamycin in the a.m. BP in the p.m. As long as I dont have leaking pustules its not contagious right? Please let me know, what a crazy nightmare this
  10. they are all just red spots, but since i had so many of them it looks horrible still. here and there ive gotten a new whitehead but not as large. this is rediculous!!! i gotta get it gone.
  11. This infection still is not going away! I'm freaking out because I still have all of these red blemishes, "no pustules currently" Im just getting worried because im going to see my girlfriend in a week and a half and I need these to be gone! Any help would be great!
  12. yes and no, i just got two more whiteheads but everything is still red but the redness is decreasing i think. so yeah it is but not as fast as i would like it to be. im wearing this beige make up cream during the day (i know for a guy it sounds weird but it helps with me being around ppl) it also has salistic acid in it for blemishes.
  13. yeah well ive only taken it a total of three times. i'll call a pharmisist and ask them. hey, at least i dont have to worry about any bacterial being inside me, (haha) i appreciate ya'lls time in helping me
  14. yeah i did tell him about the zpack but he was so fast at talking and the whole visit was over in about ten minutes (i cant stand doctors like that). could this be double dosing? i am wondering now about this... if he heard me and remembered.
  15. Any cleanser will do, but I think I'd avoid the SA stuff.