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  1. Cynthiana, Thanks for letting us know about your experience. I'm considering the same treatment(subcision) and am looking for a doctor closer to me than Dr. Rapaport(in New Jersey). If you don't mind my asking, what is your doc's name in Oklahoma? He would be much closer to me. Thanks
  2. hols: If you don't mind my asking: Who is the doctor who did your subcision and where is he located? I'm trying to find a doc who is a little closer to me than Rapaport all the way up in Jersey.
  3. Rapaport definitely seems like the guy to go to if you're gonna get subcision done. Here's some pretty impressive before/after pics of a subcision performed by him. http://www.geocities.com/mgargi2002/
  4. Thanks. I was a little worried about the box not being shrink-wrapped. I just tried needling again yesterday. This time I tried stretching the skin out before needling it. Maybe I'll have better results this time. I still don't think needling works... but I've never wanted to be wrong about anything more in my life
  5. mrstupor: What kind of syringes are you using? I'm using "BD Ultra Fine II" 30 gauge. BTW, if anyone else is using these syringes and bought them in a 100 box... Was your box shrink-wrapped? Mine wasn't, although the syringes were sealed in plastic bags, each bag containing ten syringes. But, even though I ordered the syringes from a reputable online pharmacy, the paranoid side of me is wondering if the actual box should have been shrink-wrapped, too... :-k
  6. mrstupor: I was trying needling on a newer scar, so maybe that's my problem. Anyway, heres how I do it. Using a 30 gauge insulin syringe I needle pretty deeply, only inside the scar area, about five times. Then I wash the wound with soap and water, then rinse it with either alcohol or peroxide. Over the next few days a scab forms, then, in a week, falls off. Thats pretty much it. I go pretty deep, definitely all the way through the scar tissue, but I've never heard "popping". Do you mean an
  7. Yes, and I've read all the positive comments. But unfortunately many of us want to believe something is helping our scars, so we convince our self that it IS helping even when its not. I've done this myself several times. Yes, but many people have reported "great results" with self-needling. I'm just not seeing any... Note: I said that the doc in South Africa is the only PHYSICIAN performing needling. If needling is such a breakthrough in scar treatment, then why is it that only tattoo and per
  8. I'm beginning to have my doubts about needling... 1) I've yet to see any results from self-needling. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I'm using the same technique everyone else claims too. 2)I've yet to see any impressive before/after needling pics from a poster on this board. In the one pic I've seen, the scar looked exactly the same in the before and after. 3) The only physician that I've seen who is a proponent of this technique is the inventor, some South African doctor. I don't k
  9. I dunno, this one is kind of a double-edged sword. While studies have shown that people in sunnier climates tend to get more SKIN cancer, studies have also shown that people in sunnier climates tend to get LESS CANCER in general. Scientists are now starting to believe that exposure to the sun may actually help prevent some forms of cancer by naturally boosting the body's supply of Vitamin D. Sure, superficially, skin cancer is the most physically visible/unattractive cancer, but it's also one of