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  1. Thanks sunny, I'll check it out
  2. sunny123, do you have any application tricks when using the dermablend? It’s just I’ve read some reviews where people said it set dry and flaky and was hard to match skin tone. Also do you try to just apply it to the stretchmarks or the general area since that would be easier to do depending on number and size of the marks?
  3. Not sure in regard to the olive oil and beeswax but it could possibly be helpful in some cases of acne because apart from honey having anti-bacterial qualities I was reading propolis is anti-bacerial, anti-viral etc with its capacity to destroy or halt the multiplication of negative bacteria. As a result it has supposedly been used successfully to improve acne, skin ailments etc because of its anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Bee pollen is full of amino acids and minera
  4. Not sure of the causes or if this will help any but here’s a guy at skinbio describing something similar from a scrub or soap. It’s a long thread but if you cut to the chase he ended up seeing improvement using cp serum and retin-A: http://healthyskin.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a.../1170080543/p/1
  5. Hope everything is healing really well for you. Does the new skin kind of remodel for a couple of months after or did you basically see the extent of your results within a month or so after your last treatment? Were you actually able to use retin-a just a week after the procedure
  6. I understand ReCell doesn’t have FDA approval in the US yet and may not till something like late 2007. Here in Australia is where ReCell was developed it seems, but the cost for the kit is AU$1200 and then there are the surgeon and procedure costs on top of that. Doesn’t look like you can count on a perfect colour match or anything but looks fairly promising.
  7. Willow569, which laser was it that you had? Sorry if you've posted this before.
  8. The dermaroller seems good for large coverage of skin topicals but I agree and intend to tackle a few scars either this way or with self needling. At least I can target super cop/super cop2 in this way on the individual scars to help healing rather than spreading it everywhere else too.
  9. There was a thread started way back in 2003 on this where if I remember correctly it was pretty much decided that it didn’t do anything much for scars as people had hoped but did seem to help penetration of topicals. Keep in mind that according to feedback in that particular thread, it was said they start losing their effectiveness between 3-4months of regular use. I myself have used it but only for a couple of weeks and found the process a little uncomfortable because I have sensitive sk
  10. Healthyskeptic may be referring to the C8 model designed for home-use for the infiltration of skin care products whereas the MF8 model is supplied to professionals only. Sorry to hear of your experience. Hard to feel safe enough with any procedure at the best of times without malpractice and idiots like this.
  11. On ebay just a few months back there were a whole bunch of them for a buy it now US$14 each which might be rare but there were a few around the US$30 at some stage too. You could keep checking ebay from time to time as prices can really vary. I wasn’t able to take advantage of some great deals at the time because they only shipped within the states and Canada which pssed me off no end. I ended up resorting to NZ$129 ‘special price’ (normally $199) instead from some other si
  12. I would get just one after something like a liver flush maybe, otherwise they usually do a series of colonics up to 6, sometimes more depending on the person, to gradually soften and loosen any stubborn deposits. I didn’t happen to lose any more weight, perhaps because I was already somewhat cleaned out from eating extremely healthily for some time. You might want to read a bit further if you haven’t already to get a better idea of specific fruits, supplements etc that will be t
  13. Hi Blackanese, did they get you to prep your skin for a month or so before the procedure with hydroquinine or something?
  14. Thought I’d just update here after the other thread reminded me I’d forgotten to. Went through 2 boxes which lasted 20 nights and the patches didn’t get any lighter and always looked the same. I felt no different while using them, didn’t seem to sleep any better (still somewhat of an insomniac) and didn’t note any reduced stress. I’m not in a position to say they don’t work at all, maybe if I’d kept on wearing them and maybe I’m over
  15. In case you haven't seen it here’s a helpful thread by oranrene with pictures and progress of TCA 25%: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...topic=44742&hl=