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  1. So, I came back from my derm today and he prescribed retin A, an oral antibiotic and another appt. to do some extractions. He said not to wear a moisturizer? I was kind of thrown off because of that. I know retin-A is extremely drying.\. He also told me to use a spray on sunblock rather than a cream, because the spray-on is less comedogenic than a cream. I also asked him about a list of comedogenic ingredients and he told me that products that are comedogenic vary between skin types. So that suc
  2. I am not sure why you are on an immunosuppressive drug. Prednisone is a glucocorticoid. It is an anti-inflammatory but it also supresses your immune system, which means the bacteria will be able to thrive. Odd, perhaps this is standard procedure I have not heard of. High doses of prednisone can induce facial acne.
  3. I've had acne for 4 years. I think I know how my skin works by now. Okay, background: I had full blown acne as a senior in H.S. (17). It was the entire face, excluding the neck. I then went on Pro-active, which cleared my cheek are near my nose and my forehead. Nothing more. Currently, I am developing cystic-like acne on my neck, under my jawline, and a few on my chin. I also have had perpetual breakouts on my chin and mid cheek area. Secondly, I get about 2 pimples on my back once in a while.
  4. I have a derm. app't on the 19th. I have not ever been to a derm, but my hope is that he will prescribe accutane, as my skin does not take well to topical creams. I would rather not waste time as a lab rat, where the derm. tried several methods that inevitably will not work. Will the Derm prescribe accutane rather than having me waste my time with antibiotics, topical creams, BP, etc?
  5. Would a longer course be more beneficial at supressing acne for a longer period? Have you tried Carmex?
  6. Sounds fun, but "jizz on my face" does not sound enjoyable.
  7. I am a male but whether you are on birth control or not it seems irrational not to use a condom. That is unless you don't mind an STD.
  8. Why the pro-biotic? what does it do?
  9. We charge you 8 bucks for a tube of nothing (trademark thing here). Love Neutrogena. It comes in a blue tube, Red Mark Fading Peel.
  10. http://www.reversion.com/index.php I have never heard of this product in my entire life. Despite the bubble-gum cheesy website, the wash does contain chloroxylenol. I e-mailed them to see what the conc. was. I will let you guys know of the %. Anyhow, have never tried this antimicrobial wash, but keep me updated with your progress.