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  1. Woke up this morning, face looks just like yesterday. All the big pimples are very small.... My forehead looks a little better. There are no new pimples from what I see.
  2. After using C and C and the st ives..I noticed the large pimple above my eyebrow was gone. I have another pimple on my chin, and some small ones too. The big ones however have lost size greatly. I had a large whitehead last night near my lip. This morning it was gigantic. I am applying a small amont of neo to that spot only for today.
  3. Thanks for the reply.. August 10th anyway....this stuff makes my face VERY oily. I will only be using it overnight. It smells just like this awsome non-cogdemic(sp?) moisturizer I own. That stuff never made me break out....so we'll see how this goes. I used that clean and clear advantage in the shower followed by st. Ives apricot scrub(medicated). I love that stuff. I then put a dime sized amount of the neosporin all over my face.... After about 1 min, I gently used tissues to take some
  4. The other thread is way too cluttered, and so Im going to start my own little thread. Feel free to put your progress with neosporin here. Wednesday, August 10th. Bought neopsorin and applied all over t-zone. This crap is expensive and small... I have 5 large red pimples on my chin, as well as a few small ones with lots of red marks. My forehead has tons of small acne which is new. Just plain skin colored bumps..... I have a Large pimple right above my eyebrow as well. Ill pray that t
  5. Well, whilst on a vacation in minnesota, where I stayed at a cabin with forest all around near a lake...I suddenly woke up one morning with Large bumps all over my back... I picked at them and started freaking out. I had never gotten acne on my back....at the same time however, 2 of my cousins had poison ivy on their arms. I then started thinking that perhaps this was poison ivy on my back rather than acne. I continued to pick at it (and then wash my hands). I also used facial scrubs on my
  6. =( I got home today, and notice a large bump right smack in the center of my forehead. Its a widespread bump, and is almost the color of my skin but a little white. Please help me identify what this is....Hopefully its gone in the morning... I have no pain, and when I touch it, still no pain. Its a little noticable..but not very much.
  7. I think I am using too many products, which causes more acne to form.... But, if I reduce usage, I may break out if it was actually helping!
  8. I would eat dog crap once a week to cure acne.
  9. Ice? I think Ill try that.. Now that I think of it, I have 0 red marks on my forehead, and alot on my chin. *runs to freezer*
  10. Im using too many products? I should also note that both neutrogenas acne wash and the clearasil have 2% salycic(sp?) acid. Should I simply drop the 3 in 1? Go with Benzoyl peroxide only?
  11. Right now Im trying a whole new setup of acne medication. I am using neutrogenas acne wash soap in the shower morning and night as well as before I apply acne medication. In the mornings, I am applying Neutrogenas 2 in 1 cleanser/mask 3.5% benzoyl peroxide. At night I apply Neutrogenas Oil Free AcneWash Cream Cleanser. In the shower, I apply Clearasils 3 in 1 acne wash. ^^^^ I have used that for about 3 months now, only the top 2 are new. Anyway, on to my question. My face has broken