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  1. Micheal Moore is not anti -american. he's very proud to be american. he just thinks that the Iraq-war was wrong, can u blame him, over 3000 american soldiers dead in a country that hates you, and doesnt want america there, and a health care system that has ruined many peoples lives. They both sound like problems that america should address.
  2. It's helped me. I dont find it depressing, just a bunch of good people, some really funny talking real, about what its like to have acne
  3. I have the exact opposite problem, i have a nice girlfriend, and a few others that really like me, but i dont have a great job, alot of money, or alot of material items. it's funny im great in one departmaent, and lacking in others. oh i forgot, case closed.
  4. i had one of those today, i had to work, thank god i was by myself. sometimes i just dont like anyone around me.
  5. im sagitarius, and im a monkey in the chinese zodiac
  6. accutane is incredible, i just wished those stupid ass derms would have given it @ the right time.
  7. I dont think you have bbd, if u had that you would be totally pre-occupied, all the tme and be looking in the mirror all the time