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  1. drink alot more water when on adderall and you should be fine.
  2. I started a routine that involes nizoral shampoo yesterday I'll let ya know how it goes... this is another anti dandrug shampoo... it has anti-adrongic blocks for the skin... and research has shown after a few weeks of use it reduces the size of sebacious glands by 20% also the only version of head and shoulders that would help really is the intensive treatment
  3. haha now i know what the other post was talking about... don't try this at home
  4. What about showering - hot or cold water? What applies to taking a bath applies to showering too: no hotter than 36°C. One small tip: the cool stimulation of a cold shower to follow causes the anti-inflammatory agent cortisone to diffuse through the body. Five seconds is enough. Cortisone initiates the healing process and soothes inflammations on the skin. http://www.skinexpert.net/faqs/c_faqs_02.html
  5. why dont u just wash with head and shoulders shampoo... the main igredient is zinc
  6. willpower... islams do a month fast every year... imagine that
  7. day 4 of my fast is comming to an end.. and I shit out a punch of mucoid plaquie today... and i think there was a worm in one of the pieces... the next few days will be even more interesting oh and two days is not enough time to do any kind of a decent fast... you wont start eliminating mucoid plaque till atlest day 3
  8. also two days isnt enough time to do any real cleansing in the sytem.. im on day 3 of a liquid only diet the diet is basically water besides multi vitamin, green tea extract, grape seed extract, and fiber and bentonite ...
  9. are they thick and about 2 feet total in length?
  10. prob not because when digested it is not alkaline nor acid it stays neutral