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  1. I don't see why you should pay $50 to be a 'lab rat', they should PAY YOU instead. O:) I don't recommend going non-professional for anything, but if you are really curious, tell them you are willing to 'help' them deciding whether they want to buy the IPL system or not, but not by 'donating' your $, too. What are they trying to do a fundraising or something? LOL Remember, students at beauty schools offer free hair cut/hair do, free facial, make up, etc when they still 'experimenting'. They
  2. Yes, Burt's Bees is one of very few companies strive to create all natural skin care products. I like their lip balm and baby bee line since I have sensitive skin. I use their baby bee diaper ointment as sunscreen and love it. Even my 4 yr old son loves it. He hates sunscreen but he doesn't mind burt's bees ointment. The primary ingredient is zinc oxide and the rest of them are all natural ingredients. If you check the ointment ingredients, you'll see all of them are good for acne prone skin
  3. wishfull-thinker, I am not sure if you directed your question to me or other posters. But blood type diet doesn't directly relate to acne problem, it is for your overall health, assuming that you only take food that is easier for your system to digest and process. For me, it helps me big time. I am no longer have migraine headache I'd been suffering for 15 years, no more bowel movement problem, no allergy and best of all, it cures my acne, too. I read their surveys, too. Some people who has the
  4. People...people...pls, just use your common sense. If urine is such a miracle for skin, why there is such thing called 'diaper rash' ???? Put honey or egg on your face instead if you want 'natural cure'. We already discussed this topic. Check this out: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...ighlight=#43122
  5. Hmmm... I am a true believer that diet has a lot to do with your general health, not only acne. I follow blood type diet, the only diet that 'make sense' to me. It explains why dairy or carb. causes acne or weight gain for some people and does nothing for others. Your system processes food differently. If you are a B person, dairy product and red meat won't bother you. But try that for an A person who ideally should follow vegetarian diet. Yes, you can't generalize everything. If sugar caus
  6. somuchsolittle, If you buy commercial product, you wouldn't know how much aloe vera they use on the product, unless they put aloe vera as primary ingredient. If you want to make your own mild aloe vera 'soap', try this : 1 part baking soda 2 part aloe vera gel (I use it directly from the plant, but you can buy it at most health store for practical reason) 3 part rosewater (spring water will do well if you prefer 'unscented soap') Disolve baking soda in gently warmed rosewater (or plai
  7. Oh, you better believe food has A LOT to do with your acne and your health as a whole. I didn't believe it myself when my friend first introduced me to blood type diet. But now (after doing it for about 3 months), I am beginning to know what kind of food is BAD for ME (not necessary bad for other people who doesn't have the same blood type as me). After doing the diet (very basic diet: avoid shrimp, chicken, beef and whole cow milk)for about 2 weeks, my skin never break outs, I almost never ha
  8. It all depends on your blood type O:) : Cow milk (whole): Any blood type should avoid this, except B type (it is actually good for B type) Cow milk (skim/2% reduce fat): OK for B and AB type, NO for A and O Goat milk: Good for AB and B type, OK for A type, NO for O type O:) I am talking about your general health, not only acne. But I notice everytime I drink whole milk (cow), new pimple will start forming. O:) Doesn't matter if I had it as a drink, ice cream, cream or whipped cream,
  9. Sixofnine, exactly O:) When it is hot and humid, you sweat a lot. Because it's hot, You also tend to drink alot (which is good that you can easily drink even 10 glasses a day) and (as a result) pee alot, too. So you expel toxins constantly both through sweat and urine. O:)
  10. darkangel, just make sure you do the patch test first, because I know some people are allergic to honey. O:) I usually just splash my face with warm water or sometimes using wet warm cloth to compress my face before put the honey on. While your face is still wet and warm, just pour 1/2 tsp of honey on your finger tips and gently massage into your skin for about 1 minute, then rinse it and air dry. If you want to use it as acne or scar/spot treatment, wait until your skin is dry and dab a bit o
  11. Yes, of course, Talon O:) People in China eat pearls since thousand years ago (and they still do until now). Empresses of China used pearl powder both externally (as facial powder and cream) to beautify their skin and (even more important) internally, as a drink, to keep them healthy. Pearl was their beauty secret. Cleopatra once told Mark Anthony that she had the most expensive food that nobody couldn't afford to replace it. Mark Anthony laughed and said there was no such food he could
  12. Hi there, let me share what I called "healing make-up" I don't really use 'make up', since I don't believe in ANY ingredients I cannot eat (I know it sounds radical but I have very sensitive skin), but here is what I do to treat and prevent acne and nourish my skin at the same time: 1. cleanser: honey and milk when my skin is dry, plain honey when my skin is normal or honey and lemon juice when my skin gets very oily 2. toner: pure rose water or orange blossom water (food grade, i bo
  13. darkangel, I don't know if your skin gets dry in November, but did you use AHA wash in November? Did your diet change a bit? (maybe because the weather getting cold?) I mean, what did you do BEFORE you break outs? Before you try any new treatment, do patch test first. Let say you want to know if AHA wash good for you, put a dab of AHA wash inside your upper arm and cover with band aid. Do it after you take a shower and your skin is dry and let it stay until your next shower. If during that t
  14. Sally, not a problem You can email me anytime O:)
  15. For warts (and also for you, not2bad), try this : 1. slice or crushed (preferably organic) garlic, put it on the wart (bump), cover with band aid and leave it over night. Do it every night for a week. If it didn't work : 2. dab (preferably pure raw) honey on wart (bump), cover with band aid and leave it over night. Do it every night for 2 weeks. If it didn't work either: 3. put castor oil (the odorless & tasteless one is ok) on the warts (bump), twice or 3 times daily, for 3 weeks.